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Meditation issues

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During meditation I feel a blockage of some sort between my solar plexus and heart chakras. If I get in to a deep meditative state I feel like I can't breath and like I may black out. My heart rate doesn't change though, and I don't feel deterred from trying again. I just want some theories on what this means or what is happening before I make another attempt. My guess is this is how I clear the blockage from my etheric body but unsure as I can't yet communicate with my spirit guides.

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In the Maker tradition we work on self healing first because clearing old wounds needs to be done to help one achieve balance and power. Without it, one sees and works through a filter of altered perception that limits your effectiveness. There are many ways to self heal. If you haven't already I would suggest the recapitulation practice as outlined on this site. If you use other methods of self-healing then I would have you go into your meditative state with the intention of clearly seeing what is causing the blockage and then applying your healing method. When you start to feel the breathing issue, then hold it, sit with it until you get an impression of what is causing it. It might not be very clear at first so I would focus first on any emotions that you get from it. If using the recapitulation exercise, sit with that emotion, and then start the recap. Just focus on the emotion. Keep your awareness on it and you should start to see the connections to that emotion from the tightness in breathing. Those connections should lead you towards the hub or kernel of the issue. You may need to practice the recapitulation a few times on more "mundane" things just to get the hang of it down before trying it on this issue.


The theory is that all wounds (emotional, physical, relational, etc.) are "stored" in your energy until you heal them. This feeling of breathing blockage is certainly one of those. Take your time with it. Don't try to force it out. Let it "come out" as you work with it. It might be a few minutes, hours, days, or even weeks but given enough effort and attention it will be healed.


If you do start working with the recap as we call it, let us know if you have any difficulties or issues. Its an interesting process that can lead you in ways you might not expect.


Hope that helps.



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I would agree with Mark. It looks like some damage in your core/heart energy. Be kind to, and patient with, yourself. Those deeper spots may take some time to work out, as Mark suggested. If you experience any form of fear just sit with it for a bit. The recap is a splendid tool for clearing out.


Good luck with your process. We're always here to answer any questions.



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