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  1. I had once watched a show where a woman hated her nose so much she couldnt bear to look at her own reflection. She had to mist her mirror everyday just to be able to put on makeup, and she wore a large jeweled bindi to distract people from her nose. She ended up getting cosmetic surgery and was happy for a while, but those feelings came back because she did not deal with the underlying issue. Especially from a spiritual standpoint, it is important to understand that external things will not bring you lasting happiness. Appearance is not meaningful but it is very easy to think otherwise, especially with how society functions. I agree with the others here, try to do recapping and self love exercises. It takes time but its worth it. Also, as someone who once used magic for selfish reasons, i strongly suggest you use other means. There are consequences that you may overlook.
  2. I had tried salvia twice but I wasn't spiritual at all at the time. I didn't even believe in God or souls. As soon as i breathed out the smoke, my vision went black. I don't remember much other than having no vision and hearing someone talk to me. I know now it was my spirit guide. Now that I am somewhat awakened, i want to try it again but i am also interested in hearing others' experiences with salvia
  3. What do you all do to occupy your free time? I cant sleep or meditate or exercise all day everyday. But nothing else seems to have any amount of fulfillment
  4. It was never natural for me to bond with others. And similar minded people certainly aren't around here. Its mostly ghetto people with a sprinkle of nerds. I love all beings but with most people i just feel no connection. I have no interest in tv or video games or sports.. nothing. It makes it hard to have things to speak about with others. I'm just not relatable. This community and these forums have helped a lot on my journey so far and I'm appreciative of you all
  5. I haven't had any friends in 4 years. I've been feeling very lonely but its hard for me to feel connections with most people, especially since i have no worldly interests. The only spiritual person i know is my ex, but speaking with him would make my spouse uncomfortable so i would prefer not to. I need friends. I need spiritual friends who arent gonna think im crazy when i tell them about all the energies i feel, the beings i see out the corner of my eyes, the messages i receive from my spirit guides. I need someone who understands to listen and guide me as any other friend would
  6. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5962252
  7. How do you guys have the will to keep living after experiencing the love/oneness of the universe? After my awakening, my world has become so vast. I feel that living within societies boundaries is like cutting off large pieces of myself to tuck away for fear of judgement. This life is so shallow..so oppressed. To be forced to work every day just to have food and shelter. To have only 3 hours each night with my other half, with my future children. It pains me deeply. I would much rather live in a forest, with nature. But I'm pretty sure that is illegal because it's free. The inhabitants of this world neither understand, nor want to understand. I am afraid to open up to a therapist because I don't want to get locked up in a loony bin. Anti depressants make me feel...numb. flat. I don't want to go back on them but I feel imbalanced. I don't feel I fit into this world. It's too materialistic and closed off from spirit. I don't know how to tell the difference between my guides helping me, or if some negative attachment has become the words I "hear" that guide me. Or if I'm crazy.. I know normal people would think me crazy. They do not have the experience to understand. This probably isn't the right place but I trust "makers" more than doctors who can't relate.
  8. It was my friend's idea, not mine. We pricked our fingers and touched them together. Hopefully it takes more than just intent?
  9. In high school I stupidly touched a drop of my blood with some of a friend's. I don't remember why and I have no idea what type of effect this will have on me. Please help
  10. During meditation I feel a blockage of some sort between my solar plexus and heart chakras. If I get in to a deep meditative state I feel like I can't breath and like I may black out. My heart rate doesn't change though, and I don't feel deterred from trying again. I just want some theories on what this means or what is happening before I make another attempt. My guess is this is how I clear the blockage from my etheric body but unsure as I can't yet communicate with my spirit guides.
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