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  1. Hi Confilid - I'd like to add to Karl's comment on your #2 question. I agree with what he says, first of all. But also, "Shamanism is just a belief system that keeps you tunnel-visioned in and unable to see the grand picture at large which has no belief system" is incorrect. The shamanic is not at all "tunnel-visioned." In fact, it's scope is breathtaking at the very least, and the "picture at large" very grand indeed. Perhaps your friend is referring to some of the paler imitations of shamanism out there these days. A misconception people often have is that shamanism can be a choice. It can't, at least not very often. As Karl states, you will know if it is the path you need to follow. A great many people can learn various shamanic techniques, and schools have sprung up to teach these things. Unfortunately, knowing a lot of techniques is not at the core of shamanism, and very few find the shamanic way to be their own true way. It's pretty devastating to experience what you did. These things take time and work to get past. Continue your journey. Eventually you'll sort it all out. My best wishes to you, Beth
  2. Scott, you might have more luck looking at the Facebook shamanism groups. The woman who runs Dance of the Deer is a moderator on one of the groups, and has advertised her retreats. You might find some of the participants through these Facebook threads. Beth
  3. Anthony, Lorrie and Mandy have given you the best advice. Take it from all of us, we know it's no picnic to feel this way. Recapitulation really helps. Take care. Beth
  4. Greetings - I'll get right to the point. To classify or define one as you suggest would automatically limit one. Simply do what you do. We call ourselves Makers here and say that it is a shamanic tradition because that is what it generally resembles in a broad sense. But to try to fit yourself into a world definition (like "shaman," or "witch") would immediately set boundaries around what is possible for you. Why hold yourself to humanity's general acceptance of what is possible? Be. Act. Expand. Labels mean nothing. Follow what calls to your deepest heart. You will know who you are without words. The only thing of significance is what you do with it. Be well. Beth
  5. Hi T. - Nick will probably answer this, but let me address one question you had regarding recapping with your sister. You should recap alone; we are each unique beings, regardless of our shared experience and regardless of our connection to one another. I'd advise recapping in separate places. If, later, you want to compare notes, that would be fine, but this is an individual's journey. As much as you might share with your sister, you are still separate from her unless you are conjoined twins. Even then, two people means two separate sets of perceptions and experiences. You don't want to water down or alter your own experience by joining it to hers. That could get confusing and ultimately be unhelpful. Nick may have more to say on this subject, but that's my bit for now. Perhaps some day you'll be able to join us in a class or two. Take care. I wish you well in recapping. Beth
  6. I would agree with Mark. It looks like some damage in your core/heart energy. Be kind to, and patient with, yourself. Those deeper spots may take some time to work out, as Mark suggested. If you experience any form of fear just sit with it for a bit. The recap is a splendid tool for clearing out. Good luck with your process. We're always here to answer any questions. Beth
  7. This website is a Maker website. Those of us responding to you so far are Makers. Take a look deeper into the website: http://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation. There are lots of great articles in addition to the self-healing technique. Maybe something will pique your interest.
  8. What Rebecca said. We can spend an extraordinary amount of time looking for hidden bits of great enlightenment when what might have happened is that we simply ate a bad burrito. (The same with dream interpretation.) When one engages with a substance such as ayahuasca - or any other hallucinogenic mixture - we no longer see our own naked truth because we have engaged with an "ally" of sorts. You may receive helpful information for sure, but it is seen through a filter of something else that isn't you. The point is that no one knows your energy better than you do - not ayahuasca, not peyote, not alcohol, not Guru Whatsit. And if you look outside yourself for some of these answers, you don't learn them very well. This is why the makers emphasize self-healing and self-knowledge without the influence of other "allies." It is also why we don't do spirit animals. All things have energy and information for us should we wish to study it. If you have no knowledge of who you are, how can you have any knowledge of the universe around you? Keep looking for your own patterns, unaffected by anything else. What speaks to you out of those? Good luck! Beth
  9. Hi Kailah - I would agree with Karl. Also, take a few moments to ground yourself first, or a few moments to focus on your breathing. I always found counting my breaths to be helpful because it stops that busy thought process that can get in the way. Good luck! Beth
  10. I agree with what Mark said.
  11. Just to add - your car is a wonderful place to recap. Just make sure you're not driving it at the time.
  12. Good morning, Jan. We have a class on awareness itself, but that is preceded by other classes in self-healing (including stalking) and expansion of who we are. All of our classes are designed to move the student away from Mind and toward a greater awareness in general. You are correct - that can be one of the toughest tasks we have, and for most it is a constant vigilance to keep the mind quiet. We have 50-some specific classes in all, beginning with those concentrated on self-healing, and moving on through movement out into the world, then movement into "other" worlds, and finally classes in our healing methods. Hope this helps! Beth
  13. Hi Ash - I'd like to say we often have international students here. All the classes are conducted on line. The biggest difficulty would be in the time difference. In addition to the US and Canada, we've had folks from all over Europe, Australia, and even South Africa. I hope you decide to give one of our beginning classes a try. A new session will be starting soon. Beth
  14. You're welcome, Nukemm. Please do search as much as you'd like. Perhaps something about the Makers will appeal to you. There's a great deal of information here. Beth
  15. Hi Nukemm - The Makers don't work with spirit / power animals per se. We see that kind of imagery as metaphorical, and our intent is to move behind metaphor to the energy behind everything. Aside from that, I would say we view all things as valuable, each having its own lessons. Animals are not concerned with humans necessarily unless they see us as a threat, a companion (in the instance of domestication), or food. To assume a bear, for instance, would wish to bestow its wisdom on a human is doing the bear a disservice. The bear has its own energy and intent. All that having been said, it can be of great value to study any and all other beings, and in that way learn a lot more about how the universe works. We have no issue with someone wanting to identify with, or use, an animal as a symbol, however. It's just that we don't seek them as spirit / power animals. Enjoy your journey! Beth
  16. Vasily - Because intent drives everything we do, we could pretty much do anything to clear a room. I "activate" my hands, gather any stale or unwanted energy into a ball, and "ground " it out outside, (or release it into the air outside, depending on what kind of energy I'm releasing). Some people use a smudge. Another way is to put salt in all four corners of a room and leave it for a day or so. As far as I'm concerned the simpler I can make the procedure, the better. Beth
  17. Beth


    Thumb, I think that, with most things, you just get better over time with more experience. Next time you'll probably recognize the person's intent to move on. Keep up your work in the world. As the others have said, deathwalking is a gift, and we need those who do it. Beth
  18. With regard to non-human energies, there are many out there. Most of them have about as much awareness of us as we do of them, and most of the rest have little interest in us. As Cyfnos said, nothing can hook onto you without your permission. B
  19. Hi Douglas - I am a non-theistic Maker. I see myriad other "intelligences" and "experienceRs" out there, though I don't see them as necessarily any greater or lesser than my own way of being. In my own experience, there is no *real* hierarchy - only infinite variation, and some extremely different things. There are orders of predation, but all things seem to cycle around again so that what appears to be the top of the food chain also has something that preys upon it. These are tough questions to contemplate, but each must come to her/his own understanding of what s/he "sees." As you will note, we are all individuals, each serving in a different way in a different place, but all of us serving. Beth
  20. I agree with what Karl said. The choice of what to believe is yours, of course, but the Makers take responsibility for all of their own choices, intents, and actions. Nothing I do is decided by, or put upon me by, anything outside of myself. It is the only way for me to retain any fluidity in my existence.
  21. Hello Mahkeis - Lorrie has given a pretty complete answer. But let me add an element: Before I came to the cave about 12 years ago or so I had had training elsewhere, and was already shamanically somewhat active in my community. I found I needed to set all I had learned to one side, however, in order to learn here. Because this is a complete tradition, and that is what is being presented through the extensive classes and training, bringing in pieces of other teachings is counterproductive. I have never been offended by that, nor do I feel that what I had learned before was in any way dishonored. There are, after all, many routes to the same end. In my own process I discovered that the Makers' tradition was far more powerful and practical than any other I had encountered elsewhere. There are those who prefer a more patchwork approach, however. That is their choice and is neither more nor less valuable than the Makers'. The Makers DO go much deeper than many other training out there, and Ii found that answered my needs best. I look back now at my previous training as merely a stepping stone toward the larger work I am doing today. Your path is yours to choose. You'll know it when you find you can't step away. Beth
  22. Welcome, Fini! It's always nice to see folks here from down under. I expect you'll find some kindred spirits in this place. Please explore the main website; may you find something that rings true. Beth
  23. Beth

    My Path

    Welcome, Narael! Your story is a familiar one to many in the cave. I hope you will find some things here that ease and aid your journey. Beth
  24. Hi Heather - just a note to tell you - we do have students in the UK and Europe, Australia, and South Africa. I know it can be tough to accommodate the time, but it's do-able. Certainly no pressure, though! Whatever seems best to you. I'm certain you'll find the right path, and anything we can do here to help, please let us know. Beth
  25. Welcome, Jana. There is a great deal to be found here. I wish you well on your journey. Beth
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