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Early Spring Classes 2018

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ShamansCave is pleased to announce our 53rd class session. Beginning classes include:

RECAPITULATION - The Path of Self Healing (8 weeks)

For those wishing to walk a shamanic path, self-healing is the first and most important part of that path. Self-healing is the long journey within, but it begins with a single step. Nobody can walk that path for you, but there is knowledge and practices for seekers who want to move beyond the chains of the past. One of those practices is the recapitulation - a fundamental exercise to retrieve our energy trapped in the past and to release outside energy which isn't our own.

Recapitulation I begins:

Satruday, March 31st, 2018 - 10:00PM -11:30PM ET(US)

* Class fee: $75

Sign up here:


Free Spirals I - Handling Living Intent (7 weeks)

This class examines in detail the ways in which our own intent and that of others impacts us in the world. It begins with an examination of what intent is exactly and how it directs our lives. We will explore the nature of intent itself as an energy and the ways in which shamans handle intent in their own lives and use it to impact the world. Intent is not about wishing upon a star, yet the way in which it impacts everything both in us and around us is vital to understand for anyone pursuing a shamanic path. The class is a seven week intensive about the nature of intent, with appropriate exercises and practices

Classes will begin: March 23rd (Class is full) We are working on a video version of the class on YouTube. To be notified when this class is available, you can sign up here: 

DREAMING I Awakening the Dreamer Within
(7 weeks)

The shaman walks a world which is both awake and asleep, but neither one completely. This class is not a dream interpretation and lucid dreaming class - it goes much deeper. We begin to frame the dreaming side of the shaman's world, see how and why it's used, how dreaming touches upon everything. To seek the shamanic path, the dreamer must awaken, must step beyond the confines of everyday dreams and thoughts, fears and nightmares, and open up a larger vision.
Dreaming as a shamanic practice is explored in depth in order to understand, control, and move through dreaming energy. The focus of this first class is our dreaming energy from the asleep position, but it also touches upon awake dreaming
Classes will begin Sunday, April 1st, 2018, 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm ET (US)

Class fee: $65

Sign up here;


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