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Can we offer free healings here for practice?


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Hello.  I'm new here and at some point would be interested in offering some practice healings on a limited number of volunteers.  Is that allowed here?  

I used to give psychic readings for a living years ago and realized I needed to step away and work on myself a bit more and find a better way to direct the energy I felt needed to come through.  Shamanism was the answer and I'm very passionate about the techniques I'm learning. It's humbled me and helped me to let go, allow, and remain detached from the experience.  

If not okay, I'm still excited to be here and to learn and share in a different way.

Thank you!

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There is a healing group within the student group which isn't really accessible as a practice until you complete a few years of training. My experience with the tradition is that it's important to get the self-healing done before you start working on others.

I'm not a teacher/faculty/advanced practitioner here, but I'm sure one of them will post in this board when they get the chance.

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Hi Lunarat,

Welcome! As Alex has said, we do have our own healing group here that has been trained in the maker healing method. But you are welcome to post any questions or respond to any of the topics that you would like. We are also starting up a new class session in the next week or so, if you are interested in learning more about our tradition.


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