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  1. Original Article: https://www.shamanscave.com/dreaming/dreaming-stones I have had several requests for information about getting and using a 'dreaming stone'. The process is straightforward and can be adapted by the individual without much difficulty. I should preface this by saying not everyone should use a dreaming stone as a matter of daily practice, but for those people drawn to dreaming energy and having difficulty gaining lucidity, recall, or control in dreaming this is a process which might help. A dreaming stone can help you focus your dreaming energy and control dreaming, dreams
  2. Interesting, the article and illustrations reminded me of an article from say, House Beautiful, on how to spruce up your patio for summer entertaining.
  3. Forum Rules Registration for this forum is free, however, we do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed in this document. If you feel as though you disagree or cannot abide by these rules please cancel your registration process. Shamanscave.com is a web based community dedicated to the study and practice of contemporary shamanism. While the roots of the tradition practiced here may be old the current members live in a modern world. The site was created to share ideas, encourage enquiry and enhance individual's abilities. The forums operate as a place where members may
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