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  1. Thank. you all for the support and advice . I have been able to detach myself and examine the roots of my depression .
  2. I am also dealing with suicidal ideation that are intense and when I am in this state I can not focus on too much so that is another thing I have to work with .
  3. Thank you for your support and response . I have taken spiral 1 awhile ago . I have went through the classs again . I can not really focus on my computer screen to long and always find if difficult due to ADHD and eye issues to really learn and take fro the class . I did try exercise one but none . I have very severe debilitating depression and when I experience and episode I can barely lift myself out of it .
  4. Hello , I have been in the midst (lol) of a pretty debilitating depressive episode . I have tired recap and Stalked . I know the why it just will not lift .
  5. need a password :)



  6. I almost hit a fox . It ran out in the road 5 feet in front of my car on dark road at midnight with no lights , I just saw a dark shadow run by .
  7. What ... awesome we are "seeing " them now for many reasons
  8. I guess what I was trying to figure out is my intent and why I came across so many bats I figured many reasons , my brain has been rather scattered too and my energy , the bats quick moments I feel brought my awareness to that part of myself . I have just been trying to follow the energy and figure the rest out . It was a very uplifting moment and inspired as bats are endangered here and a rare sight I was very moved on many energetic levels . Thank you for your insight and response
  9. I definetly was focusing on my intent and movement while I was looking at that bats and also awe struck as they are a rare sight here . I looked at my intent and my thoughts before I saw them in my walk . I know everything here is very abstract . Could find many meanings and feelings I gather with many things
  10. Hello , I finally was able to get back on the forums . Well I saw four bats this evening . I know basic symbolism and or signs from bat totem . I was interested if the makers have any feedback or insight into animal totems in their tradition.? I always felt a special connection to bats since I was very young . Thank you
  11. Hello , I am going through a major depressive episode . I have tried recapping and feel stuck , like my recapping is not working ? idk . I am aware of all the energy and shifts taking place in the earth . Any suggestions / help greatly appreciated . Thank you .
  12. thank you Karl , what if it was a person inflicting energetic damage to myself how do i heal or remove any energetic hooks ? thank you
  13. what is an actual energy debt ? how do we remove them ? thank you
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