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  1. Hi nitekreature! "Animal totems" in the sense that is used in new agey things is a bit like dream dictonaries - sometimes the symbolism is relevant, but might leave you looking at a very narrow picture. More interesting is the energy and what it speaks to in you and contrary, what in your energy or intent might attract bats or any other critter for that matter? 'Intent' can certainly speak to you through animals, clouds, or whatever is handy - whether that's your own intent through your dreaming energy or other intent in the world, situations can get created where you get the messag
  2. I meant without being able to move energetically, from shamanic perspective we want our dreaming energy free, so that it can touch and affect the world. I know it sounds crazy but there you go Most people have their dreaming energy caged by the mind, so that you can only dream of what the mind dumps there. As a result the dreams tend to be bizarre and disjointed. There's a disconnect, shamans want to and need to bridge that gap so that they can access all of their energy and do things intentionally with it. There are practices for that, but it's unrelated to lucidity really. Becoming lucid do
  3. Hi, from shamanic perspective whether you are lucid or not is not that important, lucidity is more of a mind thing, meaning you can be lucid but still stuck in very shallow levels of dreaming, without being able to move with any kind of power. The dreaming practices in this tradition for example don't rely on lucidity at all and it's not really a goal per se. That said, when I was younger lucid dreaming was something I was very much interested in. For me, making a habit of performing 'reality checks' while awake worked best. For example checking the time on a clock, looking elsewher
  4. Hi Leaph, No need to be sorry, questions are always welcome Also there are quite a bit of articles and even a few stories on the main shamanscave.com website you might find interesting. 1. You can access dreaming energy during the waking and in seeing other people's dreams it would certainly be mostly about it, likewise with visions. 2/3. Distance and even time don't really matter to dreaming energy, so you can talk to people in their dreams, have shared dreams etc. So your dream conversation could be 'telepathic' or it could be about your intent for the person to pay you back
  5. Hi Leaph, For most people dreaming energy is walled off in a small box and most people can go through life like that, but for others the wall is never that solid. Dreaming energy is not bound by time the way our awake reality is, so you can dream of events that are going to happen, or might happen. The future is in a constant flux and nothing is ever really 100% certain to happen until it actually does, but often something might be 99.9% sure to come through the way things are headed You can come into touch with your own dreaming energy, the experiences and dreams tend to be odd because
  6. Hello, It sounds like you are highly sensitive and empathic. It really comes down to learning to know yourself and what is yours and what is not ; the boundaries between where you end and others begin. Recapitulation is the method for that and self-healing in general in this tradition, here's a link to an article with the basic exercise: http://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation. It takes some work but over time it really pays off and you come to know yourself on levels most people can't imagine. That doesn't mean instant results can't be had, some things can change reall
  7. Hi Helen, I second what Lorrie said, besides recap here's an article on grounding: http://www.shamanscave.com/practices/grounding- there's an exercise titled "grounding movement" which is something that doesn't take a lot of time and can help you in the moment to regain your balance. It's difficult when you don't know what is yours, but the fact that you've recognized this is something that is happening is a good beginning and if you do the work to truly know yourself inside out, it will help tremondously because you gain an understanding of what is yours and what is not on a level t
  8. We do work with animal energy, mostly for knowledge, or sometimes even in some healing situations, or with bones etc. for tools. Most animals are very different from humans, moving your awareness to meet theirs can teach you a lot, the way they perceive the world, use their awareness and senses, touching upon that you bring that knowledge to yourself and can use it in the way you move your energy. That movement can be taken all the way to shapeshifting but it demands you let go of your humanity and moving completely that way doesn't come without some fundamental changes in how you're put toget
  9. Hi Melissa, " It seems to me the really good, intentional art is not just aesthetically captivating, but is also a clear expression of the energies underlying whatever an artist is trying to communicate." I think you put that well, and when looking at a painting it helps to sort of 'gaze through it' to feel/see/sense the intent and the energy coming together better. I don't think there is a ready made career path for any artist really, there are just boxes you can try to fit into There is art therapy of course, but that is not so much about your art but helping others by having them
  10. Hi Jan, well that can surely be an effective way to test whether or not anything is happening, but for healing purposes it can actually be counterproductive. When you start out there's so much tied up even in the 'mundane' day-to-day things and all the places they lead, I think if you stick to those for the time being you'll find they're plenty enough to see changes happen. Those big traumatic things have connections everywhere, so going at them directly starting out, people don't usually have the energy to really untie them before working on the smaller things at first, and even if they have,
  11. HI Lyla, From my perspective, the problem working with symbols and metaphors, trying to interpret their meaning is they become a trap even when you're right. Our minds love stories and you easily end up crafting all sorts of little dramas out of the things you experience - even if the experience itself is valid and gives genuine knowledge, by the time the mind has done it's number on it you're left with what is frankly a mess of metaphor, imagery and interpretations. I know a lot of people sort of like that and there's nothing wrong with it, and you can still learn things, but it keeps th
  12. kai


    Hi Douglas, Simply put the ego is what keeps you separate from the rest of the world and gives you a sense of individual existence, the expression of 'you' into the world. It doesn't need to carry any of that crap usually associated with it though - the self-importance and all that emotional baggage is extra and no way integral part of 'ego' in the shamanic sense. Ego doesn't need to be anything more than a simple matter of identity, you could think of it like a 'lense' or focal point of expression energetically, in a clean state that's really simple and straight-forward. You need the ego
  13. kai


    Hi Thumb, You've already been given some excellent advice. I'd like to add it's ok to not work with those people who come into your life just as theirs is about to end. I know on the surface it sounds selfish to not help someone who comes to look for help, but if you cannot deal with the situation then you're helping others at your own expense. It is truly a gift, but it can also become a great burden if you don't have the tools to do the work in a way that lets you move through it without adding to the pain you are carrying. You can think of death walking as another way of healing, it's
  14. kai


    Hi waynard, It can get rough out there for sensitive people, I urge you to read through some of the articles on the main website and see if that resonates with you. Some of the things you might find helpful - on the short term, try to stay well grounded, spend time in nature, take some walks in the woods or a park you like, or just hang around in your favourite nature spot. Here's a little article on grounding with a little more information and things you can do: http://www.shamanscave.com/practices/grounding- it can really help you to regain your balance and let go some of the stuff you
  15. kai

    lost memories

    Hi, The recap can definitely help release blockages caused by trauma, giving you access to that energy again. With emotional trauma the memories are not truly lost - they are there but access is blocked through emotion. I'll be honest with you, it can be a difficult ride, since you have to face yourself on levels not many people feel comfortable with, but at the same time very rewarding since the changes tend to be profound once you really get going. In the classes we work with people in a way that helps make the process more gradual, so that people can move at a pace that feels right for
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