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  1. Hi Silenceseeker, Thank you for your response. Just to clarify further, do you mean when I realise i'm in the dream instead of engaging in the narrative to use the breath and the head turning movements to move the energy of the dream? I would say that the experience of the drama brings my focus to this narrative and without it I wouldn't know what to focus on. I didn't clarify in my first post that the intention to go into the nature of my relationship with my mother wasn't my intention for the meditation I did. My intention was to heal myself of depression. Then this experien
  2. Hi, I've read through the content of this website and I wonder if there's any thoughts on combining what is called recapitulation here and dreaming? Can you recapitulate in the dream space. Example I do a meditation / ceremony using drumming with an intention. I then have what I call a dream drama. Where a drama in my normal life, in this case i'm going to use the example of my relationship to my mother and the energies within that relationship are expressed in the dream. The drama or narrative plays out then I find myself in my room connected to my physical body but still in a
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