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  1. Hi Aleyurs, I do not know if this dream was inspired by Creator, or the dark side. Because I believe it is possible for the dark side to access our dream realm, I am cautious of drawing meaning from dreams. I believe that any dream should be carefully examined for dark side activity before interpreting them. Mischievous dark spirits seek to harass, confuse, and cause us pain in any way they can. If a dream environment is crafted by a mischievous spirit, the purpose is to cause you harm, often by confusion and worry. For example, in your dream, you say you are scared of what you are shown. Could be as simple as wanting to scare you. If this is the case, I would take authority over this spirit and demand that it leave my dream space immediately. I would pray before bed, and declare by the Creator's Love that my dreams will be free from any dark influence. If you are an experienced dreamer, I would try to demand that this spirit reveal it's true identity in the dream. Or I would demand that he leave and not return. On the other hand, if you have investigated this and are sure that it was God inspired, then I would ask my Helpers what should be done about this dream. Perhaps it is a warning of something to avoid. Perhaps it is something to pray against. I can't be sure without having done a formal journey on it. However, in general, it does not sound like a "good omen" dream because the tone of your dream contains suspense and fear. (If I read your description right).
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