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  1. Thank you so much for saying that and everything else amd I apologize for not replying sooner. Things have gotten pretty wacky around here. I could probably move if I really wanted to but I feel like ita my duty to stay here. Ive learned so much about who and what I am in the year Ive lived here than in most single years or maybe it just feels that way because what Ive learned has been intense. Questions Ive held in my heart since a child have been answered. I have recapped certain aspects of my relationship with my sons father. It is best for us both and I have suggested he do the same. I
  2. I take no insult at all and I certainly can be more than I am, and I want to be, and I will be. Im stuck at a bit of a low point in my life. Financially stymied and worth zero dollars. The father of my son has consistently thrown my loyalty in the garbage over nearly six years of me defending him (even when his actions were indefensible) and loving him in spite of unending attacks on my self and soul. I had to draw a line in the sand. He wasnt very good to me and I let so much slide because of his unimaginably horrific upbringing and because I knew from the start that hed have issues. Then two
  3. Thanks Rebecca. I guess I just find myself discouraged lately. Ive even gotten some unusual things happening since I began recapping. After three recaps I tried to sleep only to have a line of what I can only guess spirits of the dead (living?) catch me right before unconsciousness and line up to ask me things. Most of them had no real questions actually as I recall and seemed happy just to speak with me. I remember things like this being scarier as a kid but this was like ghosts waiting politely in line at the DMV.Only most of them seemed rather excited and even happy. I remember trying to st
  4. Thanks for answering. I think I just get overwhelmed by the information out there and want to use whatever I can to the best of my ability. My family tells me that I have a glowing presence and can put a positive spin on anything or make anyone feel better just by being around. Its strange to hear because I dont always feel that way but I certainly try. I have rather dangerous people to keep away from my family though and already live in hiding as much as I can. If I didnt have the faith I do in my protection Id probably be much worse off. I like the Maker tradition because it is down to its r
  5. I read what OP has said and some of what was in between. So i hope im not being repetitive. Id recommend recapitulation like everyone else is of course but as someone who has spent much of my life being "fed off of," this could be a positive sign. A sign that you are a healer and posess healing energy inherently. Maybe you just need a strategy. A formula to deal with always giving of yourself as a natural healer. Its like this for many healers ive met or even non healers who work with energy a lot. Anyway, just a sort of positive spin and new angle you can look at this phenomena from. PM me if
  6. Ive only recapped 3 times and am seeing some rather aurprising results. Tonight will be my fourth and first nighttime (and cold lol) recap. I have a lot of negative energy coming at my family and a curse object I need to figure out what to do with. I feel a sense of urgency to do this obviously and am working on more than recapitulation although it is helping a great deal and in many ways, not the least of which is maintaining my energy. My question here is about herbs. What herbs have helped in what way for you guys. Of course I can get this information from other sources but in my experienc
  7. Lol thanks. Yea Im very excited to just get started. We just found another set of curse beads after I destroyed (or rather back to its owner) the first. This one is more intricate and Ive been getting on it in other ways. I just have very little alone time haha I remember being very surprised the first time I popped into a shamanic "journey" though. Unfortunately I was SO surprised I kinda klutzed my way right back out of it like in certain lucid dreams. I do plan on recording in my book i use for these sorts of things though the lists and watching how this progresses. Gonna take it slow at
  8. I would agree with the above statement. I have to do this a lot where I live. I think its some kind of energy hotspot and lots of bad ppl have been through it. The energy here makes ppl do wacky stuff. At least two ppl have tried to hang themselves in the garge for no damned reason. Lots of weird animals around and such. And sadness, grief, anger in its past. I knew this moving in so the first thing I did was make friends with a rather bitter and distrusting tree. At first I felt renected but kept coming back to visit it outside and he becme more trusting and open to my friendship. He even hel
  9. I wouldnt have thought to do it that way. Thanks for the advice! I was kind of lost as to where Id start and definitely planned on writing a list of some sort. Small to Large is fiiine with me haha. Ive been working to pay more attention to moon cycles and the sky/stars etc. In your experience are there better times of day, week or month to do recapping or for recapping concerning a particular theme? I also read the article about grounding, although it has been a while. It seems like many different things one does in a day can affect shamanistic practices. Timing, food, music, emotion (obvi
  10. I can see how that might get messy for sure... I suppose Ive just thought of us as two halves of the same whole for most of my life. We have often been eachothers only true companion but I always try to look out for her and I know this recap might be a rockier road on her end. You may be right to advise she do this alone though. I just gave her an empty journal to record in which I believe will help. Grandmother spider has been calling on me lately (in dreaming and waking visions) and her presence reassures me that we are doing the right thing by re-assessing our goals in life and starting
  11. Thank you so much for replying I have read the recap article so many times. I was unaware it could be so helpful in this respect. The simplicity of recapitulation makes perfect sense to me and is a large part of why Ive been reading from this site for so long. Ive met so many self proclaimed wiccans or witches or what have you that spend hours setting up what seems to be a big useless mess to me. It never felt right to me. Ive learned more from trees than I ever learned from ppl like them. But anyway, before I make this too long, is there any specific pointers you can give me? For example a f
  12. I come from complicated ancestry. Ive lurked this site for years now and its the most legit and relevant I can find. My sister and I were born into natural gift. I thought until about the age of 10 that every place we went was haunted (and, really, they are in a sense but I was having very direct experiences) when I finally realized I was the the "haunted" one. We had little to no training growing up but I have quite a lot of book learning and am planning to make this the year I truly begin to hone my gifts. Theres a place on this website where Niteshad refers to Makers or shamans as "The heal
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