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Richard Bridgman

Richard Bridgman

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your question in a sense it is quite fundamental, as its core a balanced shamanic tradition is concerned with healing, the healing of the self and then the healing of the world. It’s a bit like eating food, we have to first find the food that works for our constitution so we can heal from the inside out but then only when we have done that can we truly experience the joy of eating because we have freed ourselves of attachments to food that were toxic to us in the first place, so that food falls away and you become someone different more in line with who you really are. Now lets take that analogy and apply it to your entire energy because shamanism if done actively deals with energy then you can realign yours to what it is in potential and let go of the toxic stuff, this is a movement of your own energy toward healing and it is the most fundamental one before anything can happen with clarity in the shamanic world.

Human beings are a bit like Barbapapas that have grown into shapes that become untenable after a while but the original shape is still there underneath you just have to undo everything that covers it. It is a lot of work, quite difficult at times and you can do it by yourself too at your own rhythm, making your own choices along the way so you own all the victories in the end. In a more practical way here at shamanscave we have classes to teach how to do that and also you can peruse the articles on the main site some of them share useful practices you can try to start the process. The recap exercise is the most important one but you could also try to use a stone to help you with your fear, it worked quite well for me. The links I shared underneath will take you to them. For the stone one, the article uses anger as an example but you can do it with fear too, just make sure you use only one emotion per stone. 

Hope this helps to start with.







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