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How to recap something not experienced in 'reality'


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I've experienced much of my life in other spaces than the third dimension. I oscillate  between whether my experiences were 'real' and of an etheric nature or were rather just in my sometimes overactive imagination. I'm noticing that much of my energy is tied up in places other than the present moment and it is affecting my memory, my ability to parent, and my overall energy levels; I know that I can't do my great work without healing myself first. I know that I need to pull myself back to me, I've sensed this for awhile now, but when I look at the basic recapitulation instructions, one must imagine the moment where their energy is stuck. Moment to me implies time and space. Most of what I need to recap has no such solidity. I suppose I have much to work on that is solid, but the stuff that feels most actively draining is not. Any ideas on what to do with such energy drains? I'm new to this site and hope I posted appropriately; thx.

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Hi Esthetic11,

It might be worth trying the basic recap anyway, even if it doesn’t feel like that’s where you want to start. The reason I say this is that you’ll likely notice where the energy goes by recapping the mundane. Try it in the evening and go through your day, people you spoke to, things you did, food you ate, and then follow those threads where and when the energy shifts and takes you away from the present moment. I guess you could think of the basic recap as a spring board that catapults you into other areas of your energy and it might even show you what triggers those non ordinary shifts in the first place. Try it for a couple of weeks and see what you see. :) Hope this helps! 

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Hello Esthetic11

Cammie has some good suggestions. I'd like to add that one can recap the emotion around memory as well as the specific memory. In other words, it doesn't matter how you experienced what you experienced. Treat the experiences as real.You can do the same with dreams. I think it's been proven that everything we experience, whether or not it's based in a "solid" reality, is experienced by our bodies as having really happened. I believe it was a study done about the effects of dreaming on the human psyche. I could be mistaken, but I don't think so. Just recap all the stuff without judgment about its solidity, dimension, etc.

Good luck, and keep recapping all of it. :)

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