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Favorite articles on shamanscave.com


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What's your favorite article on the site? I'm going to list two of my favorites:


Endings - an excellent read, and something that makes you think a lot..





The Emotional Poles - A very long and detailed article on the major emotional poles, from a shamanic viewpoint.





What about everybody else?

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I have many that I really like.


Limiting it to two favorites at this moment . . .

. . . Contemporary Shamanism, particularly the last four paragraphs. (Even though I now have feathers in my possession.)

And Shamanism in the Modern World, the whole thing.


Respects to all staff, faculty, admin, pushers, and Poobahs here,



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So, today my favorite is Stalking Fluidity. That's the one I've put into action the most so far.

(I am, however, intending to put those feathers to good use-- when I learn how.)

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I've had many, but recently rereading this one posted on fb, I've gotta say it's my favorite. It talks about the second attention, something that language per se doesn't have a lot of signifiers for, and shapes it out in such a way that is readily accessible and engaging.





I also used to enjoy reading Jean's old posts where she shared some of her shamanic experiences. They were a lot of fun for me earlier on, got me all revved up about the mysteries that awaited.




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