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healing the shamanistic way


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How can one obtain healing from the other side like the Shaman's would (and do)? They go to the other side and communicate and get remedies. I have seen on primitive cultural shows that mention the spiritual leader. Can you ask certain spirits or what?




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Hi Bill,


Any shaman who can carry the name has done extensive self-healing work and keep at it all his/her life. I understand reaching for the other side as reaching for the totality of ones energy and the recapitulation is the basic exercise to start that process. Once all your energy is yours you can move to places to gain understanding, knowledge to heal people. But if your energy is scattered, especially your intent that movement is difficult and results if any are not easily understandable, it can also be dangerous since "stuff" can take advantage of the hooks in your energy... it is quite the predatory universe out there. So recapping allows movement and eventually clarity so the journeys make sense.


You can find here the basic recapitulation exercise with some more explanations: http://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation


Hope this helps.



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