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past present future self.

knightmares indecate negative,anti social patterns.

ether u r doing or allowing 2 happen too u.

realizing and countering. when its self, done in dream.

other(s) depends on there reasonability...exspectations, plus urs.

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In my work analysing people's dreams for over 20 years, it has always been the case that a nightmare is simply an issue that is not being dealt with. The unconscious needs to get your attention on this and since you do not listen to the dreams it presents, it will start to yell at you. Nightmares are just the unconscious yelling at you, to get your immediate attention on an important topic.

Now that I am learning about shamanism, I can see there are other things going on as well. Dreams of being torn apart for instance. So there are other reasons for why things - not just nightmares - happen.


I would never say the reason something happens is only because of this one thing. Nothing in the universe is that completely black and white. I personally have never come across nightmares representing being anti-social. If that fits for you, awesome, but it has not fit for anyone I've worked with and doesn't fit for me.

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I agree with you on this Michelle, although from the Maker view, it's a slightly different take on it. The mind often uses our dreaming side as sort of a dumping ground for all the emotions, experiences, trauma that it doesn't know how to or can't deal with. We may forget them or they may fade but they don't just go away. They become fodder for dreaming energy, which doesn't really understand them and so they may get expressed in dreams in odd ways.



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