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Channeling a Water spirit?

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Hi, I wonder if anyone might be able to help.

 I went on a camping holiday to a remote beach about three years ago and decided to ‘Bear Grylls’ it and forage for my food and take a deck of Thoth tarot as I find it useful for meditating upon and accessing my subconscious mind.

The beach is in Sussex and is three miles walk along the beach under the cliffs to get to when the tide is out. It’s remote, it’s picturesque and it’s incredibly beautiful. It’s also very magical. Ancient forest is on top of the cliffs and has come down as the cliffs have collapsed over the years, resulting in tiered woodland with natural springs feeding woodland pools and waterfalls which run onto the beach. It’s also used as a naturist beach.


so I’d been camping three or four days and was living off of spring water, raw cat tail root, blackberries and seaweed. I wasn’t eating much and was exercising a lot, swimming, climbing the cliffs and running along the beach. I was sleeping in my tent at night and basking in the sun during the day so I was pretty exposed to the elements too.

on the fourth day I decided I needed to do something to honour The Great Mother (that’s what I call Gia/Mother nature).

I had been collecting drinking water from a waterfall which comes down the cliff face and onto the beach forming a shallow pool, which then trickles off to the sea.

i woke at dawn on the fourth day with my mind filled with a ritual of how I could honour the Great Mother. Some of the ritual felt like it was my own idea and some of it didn’t.

Naked, I washed myself thoroughly in the sea  and then used sand and dried seaweed to scrub my skin. I used water mint that grows wild in the area and made orange oil from a couple of Oranges I’d brought with me. I had a very strong instinct that I needed to not smell like a man for the ritual.

i walked to the fall still naked and knelt in the mud at the edge of the pool asking ‘blessed mother, may I drink some of your sacred waters?’

i was very surprised when in my mind a feminine presence answered with what seemed to be a voice coming from the direction of the fall. It said simply ‘yes, you may.’

I went prostrate on the earth and began lapping at the water at the edge of the pool. I felt very meek and very humble and very blessed.

when I had my fill of water I asked out loud ‘blessed mother, may i enter your sacred waters’ to which this time I got the reply ‘yes child... you may’

as I stepped into the pool I had the most peculiar sensation. Like going from being nothing in the face of the universe to being a newly born child to being a toddler to being a young child to being an adolescent to being a young man to being a warrior to being a lover. To say it was an odd sensation is an understatement but it was very powerful.

i walked into the pool and up to the fall. I sat on a rock in the pool by the fall and contemplated the beauty of the place. After a while I asked ‘Blessed mother, may I take some of your sacred waters’ and again got the reply ‘yes child... you may.’

I filled my water bottle and offered a prayer of thanks for the communion. I resolved to leave some offerings for whatever spirit was at the fall and so I walked the three miles into the nearest village to get supplies.

i knew instinctively that whatever was at the fall wanted golden/yellow things and was worth more than gold, so I chose offerings in those colours that where once considered more valuable than gold. I got golden coloured white wine, golden yellow freesias (they where my grandmothers favourite flower, not for any other reason) honey, turmeric, and tobacco.

walking back to the beach I once again stripped and performed my cleansing ritual and the ritual to enter the pool.

i left the wine and the flowers in the fall itself and laid my offerings in scallop shells I’d found on the beach in the shallows of the water. I also had the instinct that whatever was there wanted other people to Be able to purify themselves and approach it, so near the pool I planted artemisia, lavender, thyme and basil, all of which are sacred/purifying herbs.

Once again, the voice from the fall referred to me as ‘child’.

i stayed at the beach for a further week and repeated the ritual every day, at least twice a day. During this time I experienced at least three of what I believe to be partial past life regressions, which i had never experienced before.

after 2-3 more days I had the instinct that I needed to perform a purification ritual on the land, even though i didn’t know what I was doing. I took a camping knife I had with me and again naked waded into the sea up to my waist. I began tracing spiral patterns in the water with the blade which became more and more forceful. I then traced spirals in the air and I could feel the water rising around me into the air to become clouds. Using the knife I traced a path for the clouds back to the land, and from the land to the earth where the water would flow after falling as rain. I then traced the path of the waterfall down the cliff and Blessed the pool in the name of the Great Mother. I traced the rivulets running from the pool to the sea and repeated the cycle again. I kept repeating ‘this is the water, blessed is the water. This is the air, Blessed is the air. This is the earth, blessed is the earth’ over and over again. I got faster and faster and entered what I can only describe as being a in a state of spiritual ecstacy. I could feel incredible power flowing into me from the water and into the air and had the sense that the air and the water where communing through me and blessing the land. I must’ve continued this for half an hour or more.

Since then (three years ago) I have increasingly ‘channeled’ at least a dozen different entities that both speak through me and act through me, although completely with my will and consent.

one of them is some kind of manifestation of water and speaks with an ululating voice that is a cross between a waves sigh and sonar and whale song. It’s showed me how it feels to be the water and the waves. It’s shared knowledge with me including how water first gained consciousness through the holy light when it felt it pouring through what it/I regard as it’s hair but which In actuality are the ocean depths. In my mind and with dance/mime it’s shown me how the water rose to the air and began to commune with it, in the process learning that the water could take some of the airs essence into it and vise versa. Thus the waters became enriched with oxygen.

the water prayed to the holy light to help it create consciousness as it had created consciousness in it. It reached deep down into the ocean depths and took nutrient rich sediment and placed it in the swirling vortex of water that it considers to be its womb and asked the light and the air to bless it. And thus life was born. 

The water whispered to the life, instructing it on the sacred patterns of creation and gradually life grew more complex. The water instructed the fishes in the spiral dances of the sea and encouraged them to move into the domains of earth and air.

the ‘channelling’ feels very powerful. I completely surrender to the spirit within me but I have the sense that I can be myself again any time I want. I can’t (won’t...) summon them at will, although I have discovered I can touch upon some ‘Essence’ of them when I remember and try to re-enact what they have done before.

they come and go on their own but they are extremely protective of me. Several times now when I have been threatened or have felt threatened they have intervened.

there is also what I instinctively believe to be a spirit of air which came later after water and needed me to get used to water first in order to manifest.

then came what I regard as the spirit of fire, which sings and dances and ‘speaks in tongues’ to a certain tune. 

Last and most recently came something that reacted very vocally hostile to someone who was threatening me and which has a language comprised of ‘ack’ sounds. Words like ‘pakka, Hakka, takka, vakka.’ It refers to itself as ‘puckmarin’ which I have looked up and found only references to an alien in a children’s film, however a ‘puck’ is also called a brownie, which is a type of earth spirit. So ‘puck-Marin’ might be ‘the earth spirit by the sea’.

im just wondering if anyone could shed some light on what these entities may be, especially the water one. The channelling began after the ritual at the pool.

i personally have put them down to possibly being many things including elemental lords, minor elementals, manifestations of the elements and archangels.

i was spiritual before but didn’t practice any faith. I have begun to tread the path of the lightworker/angel worker/elemental shaman instinctively.

id be grateful for any opinions on what exactly I might be channelling. Even if it’s a bad case of sunstroke! Lol.

many thanks for listening to my story and Blessed be.



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I should first mention that I'm not going to be explaining everything you saw. I can't do that, not because I don't want to, but rather because I just don't have an extensive knowledge of the human lore surrounding what an elemental lord, minor elemental, or even archangel is. But, I do recognize that we can come across those kinds of manifestations of lore and interact with them. And, I want to validate what you experienced. It sounds like it was life-changing and very powerful for you. I also have to say, that, honestly, if you are channeling w/those elementals and gaining knowledge about them and from them, trust your own instincts over what *anyone* might tell you about them. Don't give away your personal power in that way. The worlds are infinitely vast, and shared/known human knowledge is very, very limited in those kinds of matters.  

Maybe another thing to keep in mind is that, often, entities will relate to you in ways you are already familiar... they can be aware of your history/knowledge/cultural upbringing/language usage... and use that to best interact with you. They can essentially follow along the same kinds of grooves/threads that you follow to better relate with you, if they want to. For instance, you believe in calling Earth the Great Mother... so it makes sense that you would hear them calling you 'child,' because it fits your worldview. So, too, receiving the instinctive push to spiral the knife in the water, possibly simulating a male/female impregnation construct and/or raising something like a cone of power, again maybe something similar in a tradition you might be familiar with. But, too, (speaking from my own experience) the experiences you have could also be wholly unfamiliar to you, too... like maybe take the puck you came across, as an example. 

Since you are still able to channel those entities, I would recommend using your connection with them to answer the questions you seek. Set an intent to find out what they call themselves and what they are known as, in the omniverse and/or to humans. Maybe ask for a clarification of what your agreement is with them, with regard to the channeling? What do they gain, what do you gain, from your connection? 

Another point, for your own personal growth... perhaps consider letting go of your tight attachment to your experiences and with those entities. I'm not saying stop channeling them, but rather, loosen your emotional attachment to them. It's pretty clear to me that your initial experience from 3 years ago affected you, and still affects you, emotionally, today. May I gently suggest that you consider that when you hold onto something very tightly with both hands, it makes it harder to accept something more that may come for you. In other words, by staying emotionally attached to your special experiences, you limit yourself by way of your expectations, knowledge, and the boundaries of possibility, etc. In our tradition, we loosen our grip on the attachment, of the emotional energy of our experiences, via the recapitulation exercise. Of course, you may have your own way of doing this, but you can find the maker tradition how-to about it here, if you're interested: https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation

Thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps you'll hear more from other makers about your questions. :)


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