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  1. Makes sense, I try to sit with feeling and to sense what my own energy is doing or asking of me. But again I can see how that is still somewhat directly working with emotions still even. stay more as an observer and learn I suppose but to not sit for too long I guess, then energy gets too stale and heavey. Thanks Karl
  2. Hello All, I've been finding that a certain repetitive conflict. Emotionally I want this, but dreaming energy, the long stretch says otherwise, or rather the driving force is pushing me to do something else. I haven't been able to see this and put in words until today. Knowing where my emotions are being pushed and pulled, and knowing inside of me that there is something not quite syncing in with me at the same time. It's quite confusing. What I do now when this comes up, I try to sit and not move until I can have a better sense of both. I'm kinda leaning towards the knowing than the emotions. any thoughts?
  3. Ali

    What THe!!!!???

    Thanks Ralph I've noticed how it's not always entities. sometimes I notice a bunch of intentions acting like entities but this is only to say it in words... Definitely need to build Ralph! I'm taking the quicksilver class next, keep practicing, lots of practicing! with so much to practice how do you manage?! day by day I suppose Thanks Ralph Ali
  4. Hello all - So recap! Wow! It's really opened up a whole lot of stuff. Starting the dreaming class has started to shift things as well... I'm beginning to notice energies creep around the room, I feel them crawling around my legs sometimes. I've been noticing entities and how people become attached to them as much as the entities attached to the people. Inorganics are a part of everyday life!!! I've been catching these sensation and visual glimpses of moments where I see... Extra colors at times, or shadows... But then I've been noticing entities. When an entity is noticed and that it's attached to a loved one, what can I do?! The past few weeks have been remarkable, the 2 worlds of dream and waking merge in this manner that leaves the difference only in the words... Well at least it can, even if it's momentarily... I guess I'm just taking notice how they are happening simultaneously rather than separately. But yea what can I do? Blue Light Blessings
  5. Ali

    Allies and payback

    Thanks Ralph, I have somewhat of a personal issue here trying to keep agreements. I'm somewhat struggling with it and seems to me I just need to rise above myself sometimes, but that feels wrong sometimes it seems too emotional, my latest observation is to keep listening to the body more and more... that the my body is the key to realising the 'right time' to be when and where... I understand this idea "was it real or was it the plant messing with me" it's been a struggle trying to keep my agreements and I'm constantly faced with obstacles demotivating me away from them. I read recently on the forum about shapeshifting, how the life of a shapeshifter is set in loneliness... I've seen things in my life that would make me a natural, playing guitar for a while and seeing my fingers grow thinner and longer ~ ex. is that something that can happen to anyone or am I bent in this way? Man there are so many questions and I don't know if all them to be asked is absolutely necessary, so thank you Ralph
  6. Hello all I've been having a few questions on using allies and how the maker tradition tends to not use them because of the necessary payback that is involved. I'm going to be doing an Ayuascha ceremony soon, and am wondering about all of this. And when it comes to food as an ally, how are we giving back with that? I'm not sure I understand this concept very well, any input will absolutely help!
  7. Hello Sunshine! Checkout a book called "Free to Move" by Scott Sonnon, he uses a shamanistic joint longevity system from Russia, you can get started on your own before you get the book. The basic idea is you move all your joints in the morning by doing circles. Do the movements to explore your abilities, make sure to go around places of pain. Joints become malnutritioned when there is a block along the energy/Qi/blood flow line, and the joints start to dehydrate. Keep moving Sunshine, if your R A is in your hands, move your elbows shoulders and spine, if it's in your knees move around your knees. Also Turmeric juice is a great lubricant for all the joints. Look into chinese mushroom drinks as well I've found they are very helpful for vitality.
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