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  1. The allies aren't without power and it does seem like you had a valuable experience. Being able to journey, to leave your physical self behind and move and explore the world around you is an integral aspect of all shamanic practices. Makers are journey people too, though our own method differs from that Harner approach. Not saying it's better or that the other is without power, we just go about it differently. Really, my only issue with the Harner course is that it's like this definitive how to book that explains what to do, how to do it and what you can expect to see. It opens people up
  2. I've quit smoking, or fasted as you might say, many times in fact And sure, I do think it is good for you, sort of lessens the pull of the ally and can give you brief glimpses of clarity, but let's be honest with ourselves... It's really not that big of a deal. How about an actual fast for seven days, or go a few days without salt, or perhaps a month without talking, how about a few years without a phone, or tv, or internet.. There are a lot of things we can do without that can help in or journey to understand ourselves, but it's always important to ask yourself why... Fasting, abst
  3. Nick

    Help please

    I've found the mantra "keep going" to be useful when dealing with the shamanic. Stuff is gonna pop up and with change comes resistance. How that unfolds will be unique to the individual, but it is important to have a means of dealing with it when it does happen. Whenever I need to figure something out I do something called the recap. Put simply it's a process of collecting and understanding your energy, a way to reconnect with your energy and let go of everything that isn't yours. It's deceptively simple, but done with frequency and passion will bring about a change and understanding of
  4. Nick

    Help please

    I'm unclear as to what kind of help you are looking for. Would you mind elaborating a bit?
  5. Glad you are giving it some thought and you're right, a lot of things can come in the way when it comes to the shamanic. I find it's best to try and make the recap a daily ritual of sorts. The recap can take you very far in your quest for understanding, healing and knowledge, but it does take some work. In the beginning I preferred working on it at night, though anytime that you can be alone and uninterrupted should work fine. Getting started I really wouldn't worry too much about the logistics of things. In time those things may pop back up, but the important thing, if you do want to move wit
  6. Hey T, I think in starting the recap it's easiest to just begin with simple everyday things and work your way back from there. The reason for that is simply because people generally aren't as attached to their day to day life as they are their past. In time as you work back, those connections will begin to lose their hold on you and from there you can take the recap towards the more complicated stuff. Often people like to try and tackle the big stuff head on, but it just isn't very effective. It's like having an incredibly tangled knot with all kinds of small knots working together to form
  7. The recap is the first step here that most of us take. It would help a lot with the things you were mentioning and the exercise and description of it are found on the main site and available to the general public. It's a deceivingly simple looking exercise, but it works and has done wonders for a lot of people, including myself. If you feel as if there are curses that are affecting you, the recap can help you see where they come from, how they affect you and give you the detachment you'll need in moving past them. I'd start there. You won't need any money to do the exercise and if you have que
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