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  1. Hi Leaph, I'm not too familiar with the twin flame experience, except from an article I read on Medium. It appears that much of the relationship is formed of karmic attachments between the true twin flame (the empath or victim) and the false twin flame (the narcissist). I'm wondering if perhaps your catalyst experience isn't wholly confined to the realms of dreaming and may have its origins in physical reality. Our dreams can act as reflections of inner states and suggest motifs that run through our lives. You can trace those back like a thread. If you're taking the recap class I believe this is a good place to start to address the feelings of attachment and co-dependency that can arise from our life experience and discover how these are rooted in your energy. We're all vulnerable to some extent in this area and the practice can help loosen the ties that bind us to habitual life patterns that can result in less than desirable outcomes and can pave the way towards more healthy choices and relationships in the future. And sometimes an experience is worth having even if it changes us. As I say, much of what I have written here is highly subjective, perhaps one of the more experienced members will be able to offer further insight.
  2. A story of heresy, polytheism, devil worship, intergalactic space aliens and transcendence through mass murder, told by mysterious ex secret government agents with no credentials and stirred freely in a hodge-podge of logical inconsistencies, pretentiousness and impossible claims, coming to a bonkers crazy conspiracy forum near you soon... Seriously though, I l love these guys. The way they are consistently able to come up with this bizarre content and still manage to make it appealing to new audiences is worth some merit. They are some of the last great science fiction writers of our time and its' BIG business.
  3. Black widows maybe That's such a beautiful place to live with fascinating trees and rock formations. Can you see all the way across the Straits?
  4. edited for irrelevancy
  5. There again, I did make that up on the spot , it doesn't ring true to me all that much. It could be that are totally different modes of awareness, with peculiar traits each of their own. Left-side is in my understanding more akin to a heightened state of awareness, in which incomprehensible things can be said to exist, while the right side is more your everyday mode of awareness that we ordinarily live in. Perhaps someone else can answer in more detail.
  6. I wouldn't see them as separate containers holding liquids or anything. It's more about polarity isnt it? With energy flowing round in spirals...
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