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  1. Hi Helen, there is an excellent review of empath in the library. Recapitulate.
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    Have noted that the ego seems to creep into what has been called by some as a spiritual ego. Have seen this used as a hierarchy and judgement of others, especially in spiritual groupings of people that gather. Now so very careful not to follow that path and my goal is always to apply unconditional love to all life. Do still some times catch this spiritual ego at work within self, catch it and it fades filling that part of ego with love light.
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    There is a never ending gift of impermanence, things are always changing even though we hold onto the dream that things will not change.
  4. The question came to me was this a reflection of self onto others or a projection of self onto others? What is the difference between reflection and projection? How does one recognize these and should one try and control what seems to be so automatic, does this comes from the physical mind or the consciousness of beingness?
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