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Shamanism as an ancient mystery teaching


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So, this question/comment has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks! And I just have to wonder (and maybe never get an answer to :lol:) why the Maker tradition is so closely related, at least in language, to ancient Toltec traditions as outlined not just by Carlos Castaneda, but also Ken Eagle Feather, Don Miguel Ruiz, etc.... "Intent", "personal power", "recapitulation", are words I've only heard of - until recently - in reference to the ancient mexican/toltec tradition.


It got me thinking about what we *think* we know about our world history and it makes me wonder about ancient mystery schools and human evolution and pizza. It's more than fascinating. What are the chances that this knowledge is coming to us when we need it most....or most apt to transform? And what if this knowledge was shared worldwide in the distant past .....but, like, secretly?


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Hi Cammie,


At the end of the day, energy is energy, an apple is an apple, no matter who is describing it or preaching it. I've read a lot of Don Miguel Ruiz's stuff, as well as Castanedas, there are some similarities. Isn't the word "Toltec" great? It means 'to be the artist of your own life' ... or a 'maker'....and I agree 'this knowledge' is coming out to humanity because humanity needs it, now. It was shared secretly in the past because shamans were being killed off: that's why in this tradition you'll notice there's little emphasis on tools / objects that could 'get you caught' and more emphasis on working with energy directly.


The difference between reading about shamanism in a book and learning how to actively become one... that's what you get here at the cave: a step further from just knowing about it and actually experiencing what "intent" is and how actively "recapitulating" changes you. You are here because you have "intended" to energetically grow in this direction, through practice.


Here's to human evolution... and pizza :)



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Mandy, yes, there is limitation in defining something as "X" or "Y", when ultimately, as you said "energy is energy". I love drawing parallels between teachings from different backgrounds but see the shortcomings of thinking of concepts in concrete terms...after all experience is a world apart from thinking.

It seems then, that pizza should really be called yummy yummy triangle slice.


And ice cream: clouds of bliss. :D

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