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Anyone here offer long-distance healing sessions, or know of competent shamans who do?


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I have been scouring the Internet for qualified shamans in regards to what I need, and haven't found much. Most who have websites adhere to the New Age mentality, Core shamanism, or one or another unhelpful doctrine.

I am looking for someone who can help me heal the past lives I can't yet see and are partly responsible for my issues, work with ancestors whose trauma is affecting my clarity of perception, cut contracts with beings I've unconsciously formed, etc.

I know that the Maker tradition prefers to focus on self-empowerment over getting help from others, but at this point in my development, I believe a bit of outside assistance is what I need to step firmly on my own path. Recent very helpful sessions with a good shaman made my preference in being healed this way more obvious.

If any of you here are willing to do or discuss this, please PM me. If you happen to know of shamans outside the Cave who offer such healing services, please feel free to send their contact info my way.

I am primarily looking for an ongoing and extended arrangement, but am pretty open to something more finite as well. As I want this to be an equal trade, I am willing to compensate you for your time with money, candy, or anything else that you deem applicable.

Hopefully my request will be heard by the right people.

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Hey Shelby,


We have a distance healing group here that meets every Monday night. We typically don't do ongoing healing work with people. We typically do one session and follow up sessions as needed. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, we can do a healing and give you feedback on what we find. I'm sure it's no surprise by now, but we handle healing past lives a little differently here, so I'm not sure we can accommodate your request as specified but we still may be able to help with healing.


If you'd like to put yourself in for a session, you can PM me or Gary or really, any of the faculty, we are pretty much all in the healing group.What we need to know is what you want healed and basically any relative factors that you know of, even if they don't seem logical.


There is no fee but if you'd like to bring candy to a future workshop, I'm sure it would be appreciated :-)



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I'd like to apologize if I'm being assumptions here and would never want to come across as being intrusive in any form or manner.


Having said that, (past life) regressions for some reason are where I excel at.


Mostly I like to do this one on one but amongst others have worked very effectively with a woman in Australia where I distuinigish 'travelers' from 'guides' quite proficiently.


I also am quite comfortable with hypnosis on i.e. Skype and never ask anything but my own gratitude to the universe in return.


We are all Light Workers, Earthkeepers, Rainbow Warriors or whatever term ur more comfortable with.






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I know an extremely gifted Shaman who not only helped with with a healing, but was also responsible for teaching me about, and helping me through a soul retrieval. His name is Tozororion, and he can be reached via http://www.tozororion.com/, He is my spiritual advisor, and I highly recommend him. My suggestion would be to contact him via email only. 

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