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entities and soul fragments

Hashim Effendi

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problem guys, if an entity has stolen your soul piece/fragment/vitality , is it possible to recover those pieces. I'm referring explicitly to dark force attachments here when i mention entities,(in my particular case i suspect extraterrestrial consciousnesses with an intent to steal my power and prevent me from self actualization within this lifetime as I am a star seed). Because soul loss is different, the soul pieces leave yes, but to somewhere safe, in this scenario,they have literally been stolen so my question is if they would be recoverable from a conventional method of a soul retrieval or journeying?

And if you are going to tell me they can't steal, i am very energetically receptive and know whats going on , this message is written from a place of knowing what is going on with my energetic body, so don't try to convince me that my loss of energy is an illusion or something, because i can feel they've been taken, they are parasitic in nature and have been draining my energy for awhile.

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Hello Hashim,

The simple answer to your question is yes, you can recover your energy. Your energy is yours alone and no one else has a right to it. And I won't tell you that they can't steal but I will say that they can't steal without your agreement on some level. I don't do conventional soul retrievals. Personally I would use the Recapitulation Exercise found through the link or below. You can use your missing pieces to connect to the memories around them and what has happened to them, treat them as if they were memories and take your energy back.

Good luck,


Recapitulation Exercise

The physical process is simple and is as follows: You can make a list - of people, experiences, life events - and follow it, not a bad idea actually, or pick a time period of your life that you are going to recap.  The technique is very simple.  Begin by arranging some time that you won't likely be disturbed.  You will need a space that compresses your energy.  A closet would do, or even putting a heavy blanket over you will work as well.  Quiet your mind and relax, setting the intent to retrieve your energy trapped in your past.  Bring up a specific memory or event.  Get it pictured right in front of your face in as much detail as possible.  (Colors, sounds, smells, people involved, etc.) Turn your head to the left and exhale, then slowly turn your head from left to right drawing in the energy of the scene in front of you with your breath (inhale).  When your head is completely to the right again, turn slowly back to the left exhaling the foreign energy (that which is not yours) that exists from the scene.  Keep sweeping the scene until you feel 'done' with it.  Go on to the next event on your list, or that comes to mind, and keep doing this until you have worked through each one.  Be aware of what you are doing and stay focused.  If you're just starting the recap, I would suggest fifteen to twenty minutes a day just to start out, give it two weeks, then take stock of where you are.

When you are finished the first time you may feel a little lightheaded, that's normal.  It means something is changing.  If the memories you are working with are especially painful or traumatic, it may take a number of recapitulations to completely suck the energy back out of them.  You will know it is working when you recall one of the memories and find that the emotions it was evoking in you have lessened, or even completely disappeared.  Sometimes you may look at them and feel like they aren't even your memories - they seem as though they happened to someone else.  This is a start; you may want eventually to do a complete recapitulation.  Shamans are never done recapitulating; it is done over and over through a lifetime.

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