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  1. Hi Ticklebits, As Mandy said, there are no specific herbs used in the Maker tradition. When you come up against something that you're struggling with be it in recap or in your body, then herbs are one tool that can be utilised to either provide perspective or to show your body, or your energy, how to maneuver through something. That's vague, I know . But basically, everything in the natural world has an 'energy' to it. Like a fingerprint, or a specific colour or a music note. I happen to use plants because I like plants. But there are any number of things out there that have an energy that would help in certain situations. It depends on what you're going through, what your body needs in the moment. And it can change all the time. Herbs don't really work in a one-size-fits-all fashion, so there are no herbs for recap, let's say, simply because each one of us is so different and we come up against different things. Rebecca
  2. The thing about this experience is that it's all yours, and only open to interpretation by you. One of the reasons that we're not so into the use of mind-altering substances here at Shamans Cave is that it's often harder to figure out what exactly is happening, because, to put it plainly, you're tripping. At the same time, your mind can always jump in and say 'was that real?' 'was I hallucinating?'. But with any of these experiences, that which we learn from them is that which we were meant to learn from them. Does that make sense? And spending time figuring out 'why' and 'how' and trying to interpret what it is that happened takes away from the experience of being changed, in your body, and having a new perspective on the world. And if it's changed your life for the better, then need there be any deeper meaning than what you've already got out of it? Rebecca
  3. Hi Kraken, Thanks for posting about your experience. If you're interested in pursuing shamanic training, this would be one of the places where you can do that. We offer a series of beginning classes, ranging from self-healing to expanding perception, to dreaming. If it is self-healing that you're interested in, then I'd recommend looking up the articles on the Shamans Cave website that have to do with 'The Recapitulation'. The recapitulation class, incidentally, is the self-healing class, which might be a good place to start as it gives you some ground from which you can approach the other classes. You can read about beginning classes here: http://www.shamanscave.com/community/shamanism-classes Hope that helps, Rebecca
  4. No personal status or fame? Dammit. Chose the wrong field AGAIN.
  5. Hi Sunshine, the new classes are now posted on the shamanscave home page: http://www.shamanscave.com/community/shamanism-classes
  6. http://www.shamanscave.com/seer-path/touch-the-face-of-god
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    Hello people, and welcome to the Shamanscave healing forum. This is where you'd post questions you have about healing yourself or others. As with the other forums, please keep it clean and respectful. Looking forward to some healing talk, Rebecca
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