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  1. Hi Koiu. I would say, retrieve your energy from the world. We lose energy as we go though life- check out the sections / articles on recapitulation. We constantly move through life retrieving our energy and find the ways we lose energy and try trouble change those things about how we live. Good luck to you a d let us know if you have any questions about the recap once you’ve read the articles. Mandy
  2. Hi Dreamer123, If 20-25 years ago someone told me that Castaneda's books served only a small purpose and only flickers of shamanic truth, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it. I had them all read them all, many times. Carlos' work serves a purpose: they are a stepping stone and can be a trigger for those who are energetically bent as dreamers and otherwise, act like a calling card, but it is up to you and your intent to decide if you want to stop with his lovely works of fiction or really allow yourself to discover what's behind the trail of little breadcrumbs his narratives hint at. Y
  3. What Stacey said- sage advice!
  4. Break the agreements and recap is the way to go. Stalk yourself to a different position and, if possible, remove them from your life... but we can't always kick our boss at work to the curb
  5. Agreed, recap was the first time I saw that too.
  6. Yeah energy, that thing that often defies logic, n'est pas? I do think time and physical space can be interconnected, but not necessarily you can experience time without space. Speaking to your specific example, I have also experienced how speed and gravity can affect your perception of how you move through space, a la Einstein. To me, it's as if everything slows down. Once I fell off the back of a truck but the way I fell, my body was spinning in the air before it hit the ground but it felt like I was moving very slowly. Another time I was in the center of a car flipping over, everything bec
  7. Eman


    Hi there. Visions usually are that, like watching a tv screen that's a good way to describe them. We all 'see' uniquely, for example sometimes the things I see (and I don't mean with my physical eyes) takes on a cartoonish quality. I've also found that the cusp between asleep and awake can be an opening to see and experience beyond the normal human range. Sometimes our own energy, and events in our lives, will prod us in the direction of seeing and experiencing things outside the box of normal human experience. You wrote that you're beginning to wake up: when a person starts this pro
  8. Eman


    I’d intent to discover what brings me fulfillment and joy. Try new things. Spend time in nature. Find Creative outlets like painting or language coding. Sewing clothes, wood work or making music... it just depends on the person. It’s good to find things it will make you feel less restless. Plus it will give you hands and mind something to do as your energy grows and changes. Mandy
  9. Eman


    Hi. People who are bent have a hard time forging friendships and connecting with the mainstream in the world. Sometimes those who are drawn to the shamanic often go through phases where they stop the world too, especially when they come to that nexus where they want to fundamentally change who they are and heal. It may be something your energy is doing consciously or unconsciously, to give yourself the space to see what you want to make in the world. One thing I've grown to realize it that there's a difference between being lonely and alone. I think once you've cleared your table top and
  10. Eman


    Hi Babylace94, Your view of the world resonates with us all, its construct, your desire to live a different way and be at one with nature... we used to live that way, be more at one with the world and we worked to live not lived to work.... this is the age and time we are in, but there's nothing to say it has to stay this way. Just as you are awakening so are others, so take heart. What is crazy and what is normal anyway? You are you. What keeps me going is the very thing that touches you so deeply you say you've lost the will to live... life itself. I'm going to die one day anyway, so my
  11. Hi Anthony, You know, I can really relate to how you're feeling. There was a time in my life I felt my whole life was being lived for others, controlled by others, and all my time energy money and life choices I made weren't about me. I too was scared and frightened and although I didn't fully understand what had happened to me to get that way, I knew I didn't want to live like that anymore. I felt like if I continued on like that I was just going to die. I felt so drained. Recapitulation, I can tell you, literally saved my life. Bit by bit, I retrieved the energy I had lost along the way
  12. Hi Taloy. I'm not familiar with tobacco fasts or ayahuasca either, the type of shamanism we practice at Cave Shamans works purely with energy and not medicines. There are many shamanic traditions, ours originated in Europe, I'm curious to know more about it though. What we do here is practice a self-healing method called Recapitulation, which helps heal your energy. If you're curious about it you can find out more about it here: https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/recapitulation/ Good luck with getting rid of your blockage, and welcome to the cave.
  13. Hi Voice29, A voice once told me, "how can you heal others, unless you first heal yourself?" Even though we here at the cave believe self-healing is an ongoing process, you need to get a good handle on it and do some groundwork there before you try to work on others because you might not be detached enough to see how to be able to truly help another. We teach an ancient self-healing practice here called recapitulation, one that is as old as shamanism itself and can be found in many respective traditions. It focuses on energy retrieval so you can take back your energy from the wo
  14. Good luck and thank you!
  15. Hi YourHumbleServant, You should, if you are choosing to go to school and study, do what you feel calls out to you and makes the reality that you choose to study. The best way I can describe the path of the maker is that it doesn't have much to do with knowledge, school and science but everything to do with experience. What you are exposed to only enriches whatever journeys you undertake and quality of life. Good luck to you, and welcome to the cave Eman
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