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Are these classes worth it?


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While I am being taught still, and about to begin one of the final trials, my thirst for knowledge is still rather large.


I do have a few questions in regards to the classes/lessons.


While I believe education is important and a means to prove ones self, in such. Is previous teaching respected here?


If I am to finish the trails before me, will the status be respected?


Or will I need to take lessons here still?

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Hi Mahkeis,


Anyone who takes classes here starts at the beginning, regardless of the level of training they've had elsewhere. Many people who have had training elsewhere do not like this. We offer over 50 classes in total here but you will only see a few listed on the public site and this is the reason for it. People will have had training elsewhere and ask to join more advanced classes but we require that you go through the process from the start.


The biggest reason for this is not that we doubt your ability or knowledge, it's that this is a tradition with its own cosmology. It is contemporary in that it molds to the present culture and evolves along with it. But it does stay very true to itself, meaning it doesn't take on other traditions and incorporate their teachings into its own. So one needs to learn the cosmology and become familiar with how the tradition moves and it all starts with the beginning level classes.


Some people are offended by it, they feel that we are not honoring their current level of training. It's not that, it's that we need everyone to be on the same page with this training as it moves in its own unique path. I am willing to bet though that it would not be boring or repetitive for someone who has trained elsewhere. I think you would still find plenty of new ways to work with energy. The reason for that is that the exercises given in the classes are essentially bottomless, they're true energetic movements. You can work them over and over, always moving deeper. There's always something new to discover.


Hope this helps,



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Hello Mahkeis -


Lorrie has given a pretty complete answer. But let me add an element: Before I came to the cave about 12 years ago or so I had had training elsewhere, and was already shamanically somewhat active in my community. I found I needed to set all I had learned to one side, however, in order to learn here. Because this is a complete tradition, and that is what is being presented through the extensive classes and training, bringing in pieces of other teachings is counterproductive. I have never been offended by that, nor do I feel that what I had learned before was in any way dishonored. There are, after all, many routes to the same end. In my own process I discovered that the Makers' tradition was far more powerful and practical than any other I had encountered elsewhere.


There are those who prefer a more patchwork approach, however. That is their choice and is neither more nor less valuable than the Makers'. The Makers DO go much deeper than many other training out there, and Ii found that answered my needs best.


I look back now at my previous training as merely a stepping stone toward the larger work I am doing today.


Your path is yours to choose. You'll know it when you find you can't step away.



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I would like to give a big thank you both for your quick responses.


I am not offended by anything I have heard nor read in regards to my question. Though I believe that I may have slightly been misunderstood.


A part of education begins at the bottom. I'd not have expected to start at the middle nor top. From the ground up is the best foundation.


While this is a full tradition of teaching having to put my hereditary to the side, is not something I am fond of.


I have much to consider before making a choice. Until I have, I will keep to the corners of the forum to not interupt the flow your teachings create.




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I am new to the Maker tradition, but not new to energy work itself. I have a lot of previous experience before coming here and have found I am always respected for who I am. Even with my own personal experiences, I am still learning new things here, which I am finding complement and add to what I previously knew.


All I can suggest is, start off with just the recap 1 class and see how it goes. If you find any of the information classes with what you previously were taught, maybe put aside what you already know, just to see what this can teach you and then find a way to integrate it with what you already know and practice?

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I was actually planning on that.


The issue I have is this, while I do not doubt your traditions or how they work, I have spent the better part of ,y life being taught on the "red path". And as fall came to its height, I met someone that I have met many times before, and they have invited me to the sun dances.


The sun dances are a tradition that those that are able to prove their dedication are given a pipe. From that point they are a pipe carrying member of the tribe. And one of its full healers. My heritage means a lot to me. And I know if it came to a choice I would choose it over any other traditions, as long as that is acceptable I have no pro lem adding to my growth here, as well as sharing what I can. As an example a extensive knowledge of herb lore.

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Hello Mahkeis,


Part of the beauty of the Maker tradition, I feel, is the focus on individuality.You are simply given the tools here and you create your own path, which makes it much more challenging in some ways. It can be both freeing and frustrating because it often seems that 'anything goes' because no one here is going to tell you what is right for you. We can't because this is a tradition of individuals. So no one requires you to choose here, you 'Make' your own path and you can certainly make it into the tradition you are trained in already. Someone could be a Maker and remain a devout Christian, they would have to create that unique path for themselves though. So if anyone leaves a particular path they're on, it's only because they choose to do so.



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