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Synchronized voices narrating a few dreams


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Hi Everyone, I just found this place this week and am already signed up for and looking forward to my first course. :) glad to have found you


So background I have been using Dream stones for about a year though I've called them bedrocks. They have helped immensely with being less fearful when awokend from my sleep by energy around me and have helped with recall of dreams that are meant for guidance.


So the question - I have had 3 strange dreams over the course of 3ish years where in 2 of them myself and another speak in unison through the entire dream, thoughts, plans, its kind of like narration but it's us speaking vs a voice over,


It in retrospect sounds oddly like we are reciting some sort of bad haku skript. The rythem and enunciation is oddly not human sounding. I really enjoy the energy of the dreams, am totally happy in them and they feel like contact and clarity love and truth but when I wake and remember the way they sounded it's alway odd. Kind of creepy to be honest.


The third one (the first I had like this) wasn't me speaking in unison but rather two "others" in the dream and it was actually super creepy setting wise and sounding but still felt like truth, and contact and clarity.


The creepy part was they were chanting as they swung me (on a very dark night) holding my hands and feet as if I were a hammock while saying "found dead in the ditch two weeks later", voices totally synced, no emotion, odd rythem and enunciation.


Oddly it wasn't much more than two weeks later I had a horrible dark night of the soul begin. The dream came when I had what is commonly referred to as a catalyst experience.


The recognition and feeling of home made me rethink everything I had ever believed (religious indoctrination) then we parted ways for the most part and I quite honestly feel I died in a way in that process. I'm a totally different person.


Anyways I'm not sure this even makes sense. The more resent two were lovely the only creepy part was this kind of non human quality to speaking in unison. It didn't detract from the dream at all just sort of highlighted its unusual quality.


I'm curious if anyone here has experienced this in dreams of their own? I will preface by saying I consider some of my dreams to be guidance, I've had several premonitory dreams come true within days and they were not at all predictable scenarios. These have this "guidance" or connection quality to them.


Ok putting a lot of weird out there in one post. :)

Hope you are up for it. :)

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Hi Leaph,

I'm not too familiar with the twin flame experience, except from an article I read on Medium.

It appears that much of the relationship is formed of karmic attachments between the true twin flame (the empath or victim) and the false twin flame (the narcissist).

I'm wondering if perhaps your catalyst experience isn't wholly confined to the realms of dreaming and may have its origins in physical reality.

Our dreams can act as reflections of inner states and suggest motifs that run through our lives. You can trace those back like a thread.

If you're taking the recap class I believe this is a good place to start to address the feelings of attachment and co-dependency that can arise from our life experience and discover how these are rooted in your energy.

We're all vulnerable to some extent in this area and the practice can help loosen the ties that bind us to habitual life patterns that can result in less than desirable outcomes and can pave the way towards more healthy choices and relationships in the future.

And sometimes an experience is worth having even if it changes us.

As I say, much of what I have written here is highly subjective, perhaps one of the more experienced members will be able to offer further insight.

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Hi Leaph,


For most people dreaming energy is walled off in a small box and most people can go through life like that, but for others the wall is never that solid. Dreaming energy is not bound by time the way our awake reality is, so you can dream of events that are going to happen, or might happen. The future is in a constant flux and nothing is ever really 100% certain to happen until it actually does, but often something might be 99.9% sure to come through the way things are headed :) You can come into touch with your own dreaming energy, the experiences and dreams tend to be odd because it's a part of ourselves we don't even recognize as ourselves anymore, yet it is and it holds tremendous power. You can hear your own dreaming energy speak to you, if you do often the voice sounds oddly out-of-this-world and can have a certain rough or metallic quality to it. Not everything in dreams is about yourself necessarily though, there's a myriad of other energies both past and present and even people and entities you can come in touch with. When you are in a midst of change sometimes it can be very hard to understand what is what and what it all means - but not everything has to have an explanation, or the explanation can come to you months or even years after the fact as you learn more, but I can say it's a journey worth taking if you feel so called. As you heal yourself and get to know your energy better and better and work more actively with your dreaming energy, everything starts to clear up, the dreams and experiences become more direct and not dressed up in metaphor and stories. Everything is connected and in dreaming we can experience all those connections from a very different perspective and dreams can have many layers - it's a bit difficult to explain in words, but one dream could be about several things at once on different levels and connect events through time in a way we usually don't understand from waking position.


As for weird, nah, you or your experiences are not weird, you're just experiencing things outside the scope of what has become your "normal" over the course of your life. If you decide to work on "all this" you might eventually at some point realize what you once considered normal has become bizarre and what was once weird is not so at all anymore.



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nixrana- thank you for you reply. The catalyst experience did start in real life. I don't love terms like tf because I think it misses a lot of nuance.


Basically in my experience it was Eden-esque.

A relationship fully based on trust, acceptance, nonjudgment and unconditional love. A sudden knowing of god or creator energy within us all that tears at the fabric of everything you "know".


Unfortunately humans are pretty bad at sustaining such nonegoic dynamics and what happened first was self judgment, and the downward spiral ensued.


I took the opportunity let my previous beliefs unravel and have been little by little dying and being reborn over the last few years. My catalyst wasn't prepared to face all that and has remained mostly as he was. A little changed, mostly not, we still have contact but Eden was lost.


The recap is going to take me the rest of my life it seems but I will start tonight or tomorrow. I think I understand the protocol. I do have some patterns to work on that is for sure. It's interesting I debate what is to be changed pattern wise as part of what I like about myself is never giving up on people and unconditional love but that pattern seems to often turn into enabling. :)


So much to learn so much to recap. :)


Thank you again for your reply

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Kai- There is so much in that post I'd like to ask about specifically, unfortunately I forgot my password so am limited to using my phone so formatting a reply would get confusing. I hope you can follow my thought here because I have questions. :)


1. Dream energy being walled off less for some.


So a few times I have had waking visions that came true very quickly, another time I was getting flashes of someone's reoccurring dream while I went about my day. I had no context for the flashes till I was told later about the dreams. Would this be dream energy I am accessing during the waking?


When you are shown visions during meditation is that too dream energy?


2. Hearing your dream energy - sounding out of this world or metallic.


That sounds like an accurate description of the voice.

I've had telepathic experiences with the person my voice syncs with in the dreams and it always felt like a subconscious conversation between us. Nothing terribly enlightening thus far but certainly an interesting experience to have.


3. You bring up other people and beings energies coming into dreams I'm pretty sure I had a "phone dream" that actually happened telepathically between myself and the person on the phone in my dream. For 2 years he has owed me a significant amount of money. 30 minutes after our dream phone call he transferred me a large sum and within a month he is now almost paid me back fully.


Is telepathy itself based in dream energy?


Are there classes here on dreaming I will be able to take later? Thank you for the information you have shared.

Sorry for all the questions but I've not had anyone to ask this before. :)

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Hi Leaph,


No need to be sorry, questions are always welcome :) Also there are quite a bit of articles and even a few stories on the main shamanscave.com website you might find interesting.


1. You can access dreaming energy during the waking and in seeing other people's dreams it would certainly be mostly about it, likewise with visions.


2/3. Distance and even time don't really matter to dreaming energy, so you can talk to people in their dreams, have shared dreams etc. So your dream conversation could be 'telepathic' or it could be about your intent for the person to pay you back and getting agreement from him, or both. Either way clearly it worked :) Dreaming energy is a big part of us and very important in shamanic work, so it's pretty much a part of most things we do. Telepathy as a term is a bit hairy to me, seems like it's a bit vague and sort of comes with the idea it's impossible or very extraordinary at least - in any case dreaming energy would surely be one means to that end.


We have several dreaming classes, Dreaming I is about sleep dreaming and it is one of the tier 1 beginning classes. It's not offered this coming session but I think should probably be up in the next one. We teach 'active dreaming' which means it's not about dream interpretation or 'passive' stuff like that, but more about moving intentionally and starting a process of giving shape and form to your dreaming energy. The work certainly helps you understand your dreams and the dreams of others better, but that's not the juicy part :) All the tier 1 classes also have a strong component of self healing / getting to know and understand your energy, they are the internal journey.


Hope this helps,


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