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  1. Everyone's experiences with their respective gender identities comes from a very intimate and valid placenta. Likewise, what we know with our hearts to be authentic about ourselves, whether this contradicts the perceptions others have of who we are, is probably better off expressed in the world so that we can move in it in a way that makes sense to us. To find peace with it is important, and I think what Northi was asking for help with. S
  2. Yes- all outcomes need our aagreement in order to happen in our lives. To answer your second ?: Recap : )
  3. Helen Anne, what article was it that you read? If you're able to give more details about what it is you want help with, either myself or someone else might be able to sufficiently respond. : )
  4. Rcd, Sometimes external confirmation falls flat when you know something with your heart. If it's that feeling that gives you peace or something else that helps you, no matter how you identify it, let it be as is and you'll learn more from it. The second point I want to make: as you know, it's in the nature of grief to get 'in the way'. Try not to judge it for its demandingness...i'm not saying it's going to make it 'better'. But resisting it, trying to look past it, in my experience, agitates it. Perhaps that feeling in your heart is part of the story of your grief. I'm so sorry for the loss of your loved one. Sending intent of healing and kindness. < 3 s
  5. You're advising us to look to an 'entity'/'spirit' for help...
  6. I know a lot of people who're into it and stand by it. I understand the fascination, but I'd rather focus on healing what I need to before my intent leads me to look further back- which it seldom has. Plus past life regression requires dependence on the mind- following this tradition, I intend to take my power back from my mind so that it could become a 'secondary' tool.
  7. I know that feeling. So we lose observation mode in meditating but we have to just brush it off or laugh at it when it happens. Loss of focus- so what? It happens. Next breath. In the long run, if you continue re-visiting the intent persistently, you're still moving toward it- perhaps not how you want to or think you should, but still. Enjoy the ride : ) Take your time adapting to the changes...keep recapping. Things unfold in ways we don't really expect.
  8. Stacey in- Wanderer, i get hung up on feeling unable to interpret dreams, too. What helps me might also give you direction- feel for the energy moving behind the images to counteract your focus on interpretation- which is just re-arranging parts of the images. Let us know how this works for you. S
  9. So exciting thnx niteshad!
  10. if it's waking up spiritually you're interested, i recommend trying other outlets than drugs- work with your own power. what we have to remember about plants is we're not smarter than them, and they're not working for us. the times i had used salvia didn't really seem to do much for me. what i remember was it giving me that paranoid crack quaking feeling coupled with mild disappointment. what opened the door for me on my path was my experiences with meditation. to this day it continues to feel 'counterintuitive', but i do it just about everyday anyway. it's been a gentle friend that prompted me to try to find myself; strengthened my connection to the energetic.
  11. Lorrie, Is there a general estimation how long the chat will run for? I might not be able to make it 'til 930 945
  12. peastacey


    :O this is very exciting!
  13. i finally got to read your post. self heal tom- be your *own* healer. : ) but start slow and take your time with it. please don't go straight to trauma again, don't go anywhere heavy yet as to avoid agitating wounds. you are a lot like me in your desperation to heal (if you don't mind me saying), so please understand this isn't coming from a place of judging. i started recapping all the current relationships and happy memories like a month in not realizing that was gonna make my home life even harder. but i was just so desperate to 'get over' all of it and detach from family so that it would stop hurting. and it hasn't ; ) so it's important to not let the desperation get in the way- let your intent guide *you* and you will get there. also did you read the grounding stuffs i sent you. grab some rocks and stuff. put your hands in the dirt. remind yourself that the narrative will end. it will take time and hard work, but keep intending and it will get better
  14. hey tom, i'm so happy you reached out here. recapping is great and i'm happy you went for it. and pleased honestly at your receptivity. and a little blown away by the strength of your intent. : o i do recommend recapping, but wait until you get replies from the shamans first and take the class i told you about if you're able to. in the meantime: sit outside on the ground or stand barefeet out there. hug a tree : ) read the article on grounding i e-mailed you. you might not notice anything right away- for me, i didn't because of my expectations. sometime within the past two weeks i reflected on it, seeing that grounding does in fact 'work' on me.
  15. whoa, i had a really hard time reading that list. Karl, thank you for your insights as usual : ) we put our energy in different places on a collective level these days then i imagine we once did. I think the way the 'call' might show up in 'western' cultures is this feeling unable to be superficial, and feeling unable to not see through things- this being complementary to how we're taught to spread our energy out thin, here in the states anyway. idk how it is elsewhere but i imagine that it varies culturally. Jonothon, I just wanted to tell you to open your heart to clarity again. You have a heart, and that's ultimately where your strength is. It's not gonna go away tomorrow. So take pressure off yourself. These're big visions you have for yourself and you might want to get there one day but you have to build up to it. Look for the 'grey' area of things- hypothetically, if you found yourself embracing a shamanic path today, you wouldn't be able to shout from a soap-box: "i'm a shaman!" tomorrow. i have been self-healing for several months and i am no where near that entitlement. No matter what, though, it's never about the identity. It really helps to let go of it- ultimately who we believe we are is irrelevant. Be good.
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