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  1. Hi Wildflower, Have you considered taking classes here yet? We're a 'healing center', in a sense- one that teaches you how to do it yourself without telling you what to believe in. It's very hard work, but ultimately rewarding. : ) S
  2. : ) we are people you can talk about supernatural with
  3. Hiya wildflower, It sounds like your experience are very vivid and intense. Being able to relate to the energy of yr posts, i wanted to suggest intending on boundaries and centering- solar plexus stuff. If you dont already. Boundaries within yourself and anywhere you need it. Feeling for that energy within you and push it out and create the exact perimeters that give you the space to sit in your center. You jusf need to be consistent w it and 'resourceful'- move in new ways when you need to. I would also suggest something else i do, 'zipping up' all of the 'unzipped' parts of my energy.
  4. Whether you're a 'shaman' or not is truly up to your community you would be serving, but that truly becomes beside the point when you begin unfolding all your power with grace and glory. To expand on something a friend of mine here had said to me, shamanism is a state of being- and it exists for us all in potential. There are many reasons ofc why it doesnt become something more for every person, mainly because we all have our own paths and there are so many to choose from though yes, also the provisions of culture count a lot, shamanism typically isnt inherent to every culture and furthermore
  5. Hi Wildflower, I relate to your story and I'm sure a lot of our ~*colleagues*~ reading can, as well. The world is alive w electric energy and so are you. Simple as that : ) Thus we are never truly alone. I believe that the 'call' demands we do very deep, internal work that nobody else can access within us other than ourselves, and that's why it feels isolating. The fun part is it's up to you to create reality however you dream for it to be : )
  6. Thanks Cammie! I appreciate that perspective. Reading that got me to realize I wasn't using intent because of this pattern I have carried around life long: I felt like my intent was reminding me that I'm a 'bad person' or whatever, and that I need those constant reminders, because it gets me to stay overly conscious of everything I do so that I don't hurt everyone/piss them off. I'd rather avoid recapping this, but let's see what fun happens Same Douglas, it's kind of truly amazing, some of the things I've been able to accomplish with my intent, but I'm still getting used to the 'lifestyl
  7. than she hung around and looked at me, and moved around as though she were trying to get back to the other side, i wondered if she had babies in the brush she had jumped out of before me. i kept driving slowly to admire the foxy foxiness...i'm not happy with this almost running over animals
  8. this literally also happened to me about three days ago
  9. Tbh i still have no idea why I see whatever in my environment when I do. Throughout this past month I kept almost running over animals, or running over already dead animals, and I mightve been the one who hit the skunk that sprayed me and my car. It felt like a nightmare. But if we can just open ourselves to hearing the language of our energy more instead of listening to our minds about what it all 'means'....I think thats where it counts.
  10. i thought of you yesterday evening...when I also saw four bats!! Yes, they are a rare sighting for me too though!
  11. a pretty intense full moon...maybe your intent was just trying to show you how to move : )
  12. it doesn't sound like or feel like you're stunted in your growth at all <3 and i empathize with so much of what you're saying with my own experiences. it's okay to feel depressed. the world is a crazy place and our gifts can be challenging when all our conditioning is in the way : ) keep intending for your purpose...
  13. The power behind this response tho <3
  14. And to piggyback what karl said too about community members not immediately recognizing shamans, this is true- though I do think that someone w shamanic energy is almost universally 'responded to' on energetic level in a way that's unique within every community, and 'sought after' when shamanic assistance is needed....lol....not to say they're given the same level of recognition and consideration those w less taboo roles in the community are given.
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