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  1. There are multiple planes of reality. Wouldn't be surprising you astral traveled in your sleep to a different one.
  2. You're chosen by the spirits or gods to be a "shaman". Typically in proper traditions (and since you have pretty good blood levels of Blackfoot, I highly suggest you start with speaking to a Blackfoot council/medicine man/etc) when we're chosen by the spirits to go down this path, we suffer greatly. It's called shamanic sickness/spirit illness, and it can be very extreme, often causing the death of people close to us or simply ourselves by trying to run away. But you need to get vetted by an older, experienced shaman - again, I very much suggest talking to a Blackfoot council. There are lots of resources for blackfoot indigenous people online to gather and share knowledge amongst themselves so it doesn't get lost from the colonization.
  3. mudang


    Reiki is quite wholesome, and if you are attuned with an actual lineage, it's efficient stuff. A lot of reiki classes and seminars now are pure fluff, however. They cannot trace their lineage back to the original "master" and that is what you want to watch out for. It is basically becoming attuned to ki/qi. It's basically a different form of qigong, where you learn to manipulate and balance your inner energy and using a universal "healing" energy to help others. Shamanic healing (at least in my people's tradition) is about having our gods help us and help our clients. They're the ones with the powers and abilities at the root of it, we are merely vessels for them.
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