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Diviners sage.

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I've tried it, just out of curiosity so it was a very brief experience but I found that it messed with time -kind of stopped it or stepped outside the perception of it for a bit.


No offense taken at all, it's just that we don't use tools as a regular part of our practice and I see this as a tool to use, so that's fine if people want to use that. I guess my reason for not using them is similar to Cyfnos's mention of the more natural state. When you use it, you are seeing through he 'lens' of its energy. I like seeing just on my own.



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Beyond the necessary agreement and exchange of energy, no matter what you think of that or how you view it, there's also the pragmatic side, to use a tool that would be troublesome in the culture you work within is just not practical, especially if the tool is one you don't really need anyway.



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Hello, I am new on the forum. This post caught my eye as I believe my use of Salvia Divinorum triggered an energetic surge of some sort that set off a very long, dark night for me. Perhaps it wasn't the sage alone that was responsible but, I experienced rushes of intense heat, involuntary bodily movements, time anomalies and multi-dimensional awareness that seemed to "open me up" in a way that I was, personally, not prepared for. It took some searching for me to finally recognize my experience as a possible kundalini activation. Ten years later, I am still dealing with the repercussions of my life, as I knew it, basically collapsing. You should be aware that Salvia D's active component, salvinorin A, is the strongest plant hallucinogen known to man. I am generally not a user of these things and became intrigued with the idea of use for questing. I admittedly was careless and assumed it was fairly harmless due to it's being legal at the time. I have talked to several people who have all had varied experiences with it, many seemingly less dramatic than mine. I learned to respect these things the hard way and would not recommend "storming the gates" with these substances. Also, the popular method of smoking Salvia is not in keeping with the centuries-old sacred methods used by the Mazatecs which involve chewing a large amount of the extremely bitter leaves.

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