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  2. Hi there, When I tried to look up your account on the site, there was no account for ArcaneHuman, I think you may have only created an account on the forums? There are actually two places you need to create an account, you can use the same password for ease of remembering but the are two different accounts. I created an account for you, I'll pm the password to you. Let me know if this did not fix the problem. Lorrie
  3. Hi. I tried to purchase the quicksilver class today. When i went to check out it asked that i log in. I tried two passwords (i clearly forgot the password). After the second attempt i was brought to a page that said "We have detected suspicious activity from your IP address. Your access to this site is temporarily suspended." Now i cannot see the shamans cave website. only the forum. So yeah... i'll definitely need to recover my password and fix the accessibility issue. Thanks in advance for any assistance/help.
  4. oh and i've taken Spirals I. That's it so far. And i already know and practice the basic recapitulation technique.
  5. Hi. I looked at the class list for tier 1 on the students forum. Apparently several classes are starting on December 11th? Including Seeing, Quicksilver, Recapitulation, and Shamanic Mind. My friend Stacey recommended i take quicksilver but now i don't know since i was aiming to do recapitulation? Should i maybe do two classes and just read the logs for one of the classes later? I know that these tier 1 classes can be prerequisites for tier 2 classes and i do want to progress as much as possible within the shortest span of time. So should my goal to be eventually take every tier 1 class? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. What is a feed... Lets see

  7. There are a lot of things in this world that i don't want to be happening. For instance, I possess a hyper awareness of how cars are currently destroying the planet, from my perspective at least. It just sticks out to me as a sore thumb, and I rarely come across people who see it the way I do. The destructive nature of cars is super obvious to me and most people don't seem to give it a second thought. To me, even if all the other problems were taken away, we would still have to urgently deal with the pressing issue of car induced pollution and highways and pervasive asphalt and what not. But when i step out into the world come morning time, i intend for reality to be the way it is because it's so familiar and persistent and structural to my existence. I'm used to it. It almost defines my reality. So I intend for it to continue. There's a convenience store where i can buy my cigarettes and food. It might not be in my line of sight as I first set out through my apartment complex on my determined walk towards the store, but I intend for it to be there when i get there. And when I arrive it is always there. So am I sustaining the existence of said store through intent? Additionally, There are trucks driving cross country to ensure that the world continues on as it was yesterday, to ensure that this store has the products I seek, and even though i don't like that fact... I still intend for the food these trucks are delivering to be present at the store when i get to the store. I read in some shamans cave article that when we sit in a chair we intend for the chair to hold us up. So does my half-hearted intention that the world continue as I saw it to be yesterday speak ill of my personal intentions? Or am i just one soul trying to weave my own intents in a world of conflicting intents? I read in a book about Hawaiian shamanism that we can re-dream aspects of our reality. So i imagined my Rite Aid (drug store) to be a butterfly tent. but nonetheless as i went throughout it searching for my Things, it surely did not look like a butterfly tent. the asphalt outside was not rivers of pure water. The automatic doors were not gates of pure light.
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  9. I've given you access to the Spirals 1 student forum so that you can ask questions there, that is the best place to ask as it keeps everything from getting scattered all over the forums and you've taken the class and are clearly interested in using the practices and learning more: https://www.shamanscave.com/forum/forum/6-spirals/ Basically, the intents can be stored in different areas of your energy body, so good work in being able to recognize where they are. When you take Recap., you will learn how to target those areas in your body to get access to the memories behind those intents you formed and recover it as well as the intent itself. The Recap and Spirals practices go hand in hand in helping to recover energy that you have trapped in different parts of your physical and energetic body over your lifetime. So you are doing things correctly. What the Recap will do for you in this process is to help you not only recover the energy from these experiences but it will also help you to understand and recognize the patterns in your life that got created over time either from these experiences or were reinforced as a result of the patterns once in place.
  10. Hi. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask about specifics from classes here, but i am going through my log from Spirals I and this came up. At first i was kind of frustrated because i couldn't conjure to mind specific moments when I had set out to do something but failed to complete it, despite the fact that i knew that i had More than plenty. I have quit and given up on sooo many endeavors. I could remember things but not the pivotal moment when i gave up on my intents because the window of experience/time regarding endeavors is so wide. I couldn't find that specific moment for any of them. finally i went with a more emotional approach. Just seeking the energy of being disappointed that i didn't follow through or the feeling of having failed myself and others without trying to be specific. After retrieving that energy another unrealized intent came quickly to mind. and after that one another one. and so on and so forth. it was so easy to remember. Automatic. i was remembering things i hadn't remembered in a long time. So i wonder if these unrealized intents are all "stored" in the same place. Also when i broke down the energy and retrieved it on the third breath i had a visualization of the energy of the intent coming back to me as a whirling start that settled into a specific part of my body and merged with my energy. Every star landed in a different part of my body. I wonder if this is some kind of "objective" reality or if such a visualization is just unique to me to represent the energy returning in some way. A symbolic visualization to express the looser idea of energy returning to the body.
  11. Hello! To answer your first question, very simply - Quicksilver is a class on perception, how it is different from but works in tandem with awareness. Good class! I hope that helps a bit. Beth
  12. Thank you. This post is from a long time ago but i appreciate your response. I'm just seeing your response now. It's very helpful. Put's things into perpsective.
  13. Hi Arcane, As far as the start date of the next Recap class, it's currently set for December 11th with a cut off sign up date of December 18th because we allow people to sign up after the class starts for a week, maybe two at which point they can still get caught up but after that, there really is a cut off date. That being said, the start date could get pushed back to December 18th if we have low signups and want to give it another week, so it's not set in stone. The class will definitely go a lot deeper into recap than just the basic exercise you see on the site, each week will focus on a new area of recap. so that you can learn different ways to get at recovering energy that's tied up within your energy body. There really isn't a class to fill in that time place, we are working on self-study classes but even if we had them, they would run 7 weeks like a normal class. But you bring up an interesting idea, maybe we should look at some mini-classes on topics that could be covered in a shorter period of time. Regarding the spirals exercise, seeing a void of nothingness behind everything is getting close. There definitely is a state of Potential there (we break time down into the Three P's Potential, Possibility and Probability energies but that is a subject taught over a few classes) I think you're close though, you're looking for the pulse that animates all life and everything in the universe and it is in Everything. It's the intent of the universe, it's the intent to live and take that next breath and the intent to know oneself and be who you are. It should feel vast but not so much a void, it is very full of intent.
  14. yah. she cool. heh heh. I don't even know what the class focuses on yet. it's looking like in december there's a recap class. i dunno. i think i'm waiting to hear back from Lorrie in the other thread about that. I definitely want to attend a class soon though.
  15. i'm easily frightened and that sounds frightening. lol. but you did say good work sooo...
  16. Oh so you have touched upon the void, have you? Excellent. It’s not nothingness though. Good work. Over time you will find out for yourself what the void is, who knows it might even reach out and look back at you *grin*. e.
  17. Hi Lorrie. Yup. I took the free class. If i'm understanding this correctly, the next Recapitulation 1 class starts on December 18th? Am i understanding that correctly? I've been recapping a lot. I suppose obviously that the class will open new doors and teach me new things about recap (obviously). I'm currently revisiting the logs from my spiral class. I did day 1 yesterday. Since I'm waiting till December if that's the case then is there any other class i can take in the meantime? Also, if i'm doing the looking at intent of the world exercise from class 1 of spirals... i kind of see a void of nothingness behind Everything. I know it's probably pure potentiality but it feels to me a bit like a void. Thank you, Eman
  18. Crucial. @ArcaneHuman, Lorrie is pretty much second in command here, guides all student development at Shaman's Cave and is ultimately the best person to ask about what class to take next-- especially since your only class was taken years ago. It all starts with energy retrieval. I will now bow out of this conversation as Lorrie is in touch with the overall picture of who has taken what, it really all starts with the cornerstone classes as she is advising. Good luck to you in your upcoming class choice, I hope to see you around. ~Eman
  19. We usually recommend taking Recap I and Spirals I to start out, it starts the self-healing process that will recover personal energy which will help you to do well in the other classes. Quicksilver is a class that would be okay to take starting out but it will touch on some things taught in Spirals, like intent but you've taken Spirals 1 (you must have taken the free version? I can't find the permissions for the spirals forum in your profile so I was wondering, it's still the same class material) so you have some of the needed training that will help you with this class. Shamanic Voice is an end of Tier 1 class so you would definitely need to take several prerequisites before attempting that one, it really relies a lot on material gone over in other classes. I would say the best options are Recap 1, to recover personal energy and heal your past and/or Quicksilver, which you will learn about using the energy of Awareness and Perception, which are the cornerstone practices of the Maker tradition (and really any shamanic tradition) . Lorrie
  20. Hello again, Oh! Stacey is an advanced student/maker, I've known her for years and if she 'sees' that you will benefit from Quicksilver I'd trust her advice. I'm not sure it's being offered this session though. e.
  21. thanks. i'm kind of wondering what class I should take next. I've only taken spirals I. The "shamanic voice" class you linked has a lot more prerequisites listed. And i didn't see a date listed for the start of the class. it just says it's on Wednesdays. do you know if there are any classes starting soon that i should take?
  22. Hey Arcanehuman, I think you’re right that Quicksilver is somehow MIA. It’s in the list of available classes for the next session but hasn’t been added to the Tier one classes (yet). https://www.shamanscave.com/courses?course_type=featured&filtered=1
  23. Hello again. Let’s leave Allies for another time I see that you’re still tier one so that comes later. To be fluid is to be able to move and act in the moment. Act, not react. It is to go where you need to go, be who you need to be, do what you have to do in the moment. Stalking is only a part of the vehicle: it works in tandem with self-healing, intent, and dreaming energy. If I over explain now, it will become something intellectualized and your mind will take over: I am speaking to your energy. Do you feel it? It’s such a beautiful day, where I am. The sun is out, the streams are streaming, life is moving. e. PS https://www.shamanscave.com/courses/7-shamanic-will-voice
  24. When you say you're pretty fluid now, what are the markers that one is fluid? I haven't noticed a huge change from stalking these past couple years though it tends to help me in the moment. Maybe because astrologically I'm mostly water? Maybe there are changes I'm overlooking? As far as allies go, i don't know a whole lot. A very powerful shaman who plays didgeridoo and other native instruments has a song called "Angelic Alliance" and the term seems to speak for itself but I'm sure there's more i could learn about it.
  25. Hello again @ArcaneHuman. Let me go looking for some articles later and come back to post them it's morning where I am and I have to run out soon but *nod* we can have such deeply engrained patterns, like to reach for something to make us 'feel better' like ice cream (sugar) or cigarettes but if you think about it they aren't just habits but are also chemical dependencies (like 600+ chemicals depending on what your brand is) so it's a bigger thing to contend with it's got to be a combination of stalking, intent, recap, and lots of will power. So I'm drawing a distinction between the pattern to reach for something, and a habitual dependency on something outside of your own energy. It can be done- quitting a thing, that us. Substance habits are big fish, they are things outside of your energy too so you are 'dancing with something else' not just stalking your own energy there needs to be a strategy to quit them, but honestly the desire to quit, the intent and will... *intent is king, will is queen*. We break up areas of teaching online because it's the best way to learn this tradition when it's not in person-- like taking a car engine apart and studying what each piece does, but the whole engine, or the whole areas of the tradition, work together. So yeah I'd separate quitting smoking from stalking yourself, but use stalking to help yourself quit and stay done. So to answer your question, yes you are changing patterns with stalking (and recap, of course), but substance habits need to be separated from you, or quit- you know what I mean. I've battled with cigarettes, quit for eleven years (except a smoke here and there with a friend but not until years after quitting)... but they snuck back in during Covid lockdown- just one a day, then it became 5-6. Why? I never fully closed the door, did I? But they are on their way out now. I'd formerly quit with just the great desire to quit + intent/will power and replacing the habit with drinking lots of orange juice and water at first just to give the body mechanics something to reach for at first. I had to stalk why I smoked (my mother did, it also symbolized independence to me in some weird way). I'm pretty fluid now, of course, but I've picked up an old bad habit I thought was gone but the smoke ally was just waiting for that moment to pounce back in... have you learned about Allies yet? Here's a challenge: I'll quit if you will. We can share notes on stalking the habit out of our energy as well as strategies for letting go of that dopamine hit our brains like when we take a drag. e. PS I'll be back later with more on Shamanic Voice and how it intersects with stalking.
  26. I'm also potentially interested in the stalking class but if there are other classes i might benefit from coming up i am all ears.
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